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Pakistan cricket is running with the help of BCCI, PCB chief Rameez Raja admitted this


The latest statement given by the new chief of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Rameez Raja, regarding the BCCI has become a topic of discussion. A video of Rameez Raja is going viral in which he has said that all over the world cricket is going on with the help of Board of Control for Cricket in India. Rameez Raja says that the ICC gets 90 percent of its revenue from the BCCI.

Rameez Raja has said this in a meeting with PCB officials. Not only this, the Pakistan Cricket Board gets 50 percent of its total earnings from the ICC. This means that the Pakistan Cricket Board is also running with the help of BCCI.

However, Rameez Raja has also made serious allegations against the ICC. The PCB chief said, β€œThe ICC is a politically colored body which is divided into Asian and Western factions and 90 percent of its revenue comes from India.”

Pakistan cricket is in a difficult position

Rameez Raja said, β€œIn a way, the business houses of India are running Pakistan cricket. If tomorrow the Indian Prime Minister decides that he will not allow Pakistan to take any revenue, then our cricket board may be disintegrated.

Let us tell you that the situation in Pakistan cricket is very bad after Rameez Raja became the PCB chief. After New Zealand, England and Sri Lanka have canceled the tour of Pakistan.

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