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“We will be working on the E3 Principle”- Nihshank Upadhyay on launching India’s First Solution Driven Eco System.

Nihshank Upadhyay: The Founder of Gambit Enclave.
The E3 Principle, which stands for Education, Empowerment,
and Enrichment, has been developed as the cornerstone for the existence and evolution of Gambit Enclave.
Nihshank feels that education is critical to the development and
progress of any society. It is vital to be aware of and objectively
grasp the world’s legal and socio-political changes in order to
make educated decisions. Gambit Enclave wants to use
education as a strong instrument to help young people all over the world enhance their knowledge, develop their values, andcultivate critical thinking.

In terms of empowerment, Nihshank points out that it is founded on psychological and social aspects. Gambit Enclave wishes to honour the deserving, promote the talented, and aid those who strive to attain their dreams and objectives. Gambit Enclave’s’apply for awards’ area was created with the sole intention of promoting Asian talent.

We help people improve their self-esteem and leadership abilities. By providing an unbiased review of the continually evolving justice system, the goal is to assist people all around the world and bridge existing barriers. We are committed to eradicating the stigmas and roadblocks that stand in the way of securing fundamental human rights.

Last but not least, enrichment plays a critical function in this ecosystem. “You are here to help the world to live more amply,with greater vision, with a higher spirit of hope and achievement,” said Woodrow Wilson. You’ve come to make a difference in the world.”

We commit to promoting and supporting a diverse range of lifestyles and alternative job options that promote humanitarian principles. To truly enrich individuals, the organisation thinks that true information should be distributed through research and communication. In his closing remarks Nihshank said that “We also intend to engage with a variety of cultures and groups in order to enhance and contribute to the development of a healthyand sustainable ecosystem.”

The Gambit Enclave also released the publication guidelines for people wishing to contribute to make submissions to the website. Following details must be noted down-

Theme: Social, political and legal issues of contemporary nature preferred. authors may make submissions related to other fields as well.

Eligibility: Any student/professional of the age 18 or above are Eligible for submissions.

Guidelines for submission : All the papers will be reviewed by the founders and their decision shall be final. Authors should
refrain from mentioing their names or any identification mark in the piece they are submitting to A
separate file with all the relevant details including: full name, designation and contact information should be sent
to The piece should be an original work of the author(S), should not be published elsewhere and
not have a similarity percentage of more than 15%.

Font – Times New Roman/Cambria will be accepted. Font size=12, Spacing=1.5, Margins=1” on all sides & Justified. You must follow any one style of referencing throughout the piece.Citations must be made wherever required. All sources of the data (statistical facts, images, figures, etc.) must be cited.


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