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Recently, an interesting new digital media company has been on our radar: TUNES & WHIPS. If the name didn’t make it obvious, it’s all about good music and exotic cars. Created by Omar Adnan earlier in 2020, the brand has quickly been gaining attention worldwide. We caught up with him to find out his inspiration and aspirations for the brand.
Born in Alberta, Canada Omar Adnan was always drawn to filmmaking. Using his talent and creativity he founded Technik Studios, a content, and design consultancy, while still enrolled in University. Over the years, he’s developed unique expertise in building digital brands, claiming he’s always had a natural eye for branding and creative ways to advertise. His latest venture TUNES & WHIPS is born from his passion for music and the automotive world. Each week he curates songs from rising artists, creating a custom video of an exotic car to pair with the selected track. TUNES & WHIPS also highlights artists’ car collections, ranging from Post Malone’s custom trucks to Travis Scott’s beautifully wrapped Lamborghinis. Deservingly, TUNES & WHIPS has earned praise from rising artists like Toronto’s Pressa Armani or Eric Reprid from the West Coast of Canada. Adnan’s focus has been on building a community with plans to introduce original content in the form of music videos, podcasts, collaborations, branded content, and clothing. Taking inspiration from Cole Bennett’s popular hip-hop media company, Lyrical Lemonade, Adnan is on the right track.

His inspiration for TUNES & WHIPS came from his passion for cars and a knack for scouting musical gems from up-and-coming talent. “I thought it would be cool to bring together the car community and the music community. Car culture is a huge part of the rap scene after all,” said Adnan. Currently, TUNES & WHIPS accepts submissions on their website for a small fee of $10. Adnan says this submission fee will likely increase with the large volume of submissions being received. Through TUNES & WHIPS, Adnan also hopes to give up-and-comers a platform to be heard and spread their reach. “I really want to focus on highlighting new artists with unique sounds from Canada’s west coast to start,” Adnan stated.

As for future plans, Omar Adnan says TUNES & WHIPS will be introducing a new YouTube series called “Up To Speed” in collaboration with local artists. He also plans to make his return to directing music videos after a long stretch of directing commercial work for clients like Ford and Lexus. “I’m really pumped to get back into collaborating with artists on music videos… it’s something I’ve been itching to do,” said Adnan, cheerfully. As the TUNES & WHIPS community continues to grow, Adnan wants to launch monthly clothing collections. “My experience in the agency-world has taught me the importance of content, so with TUNES & WHIPS, I really want to focus on producing original content that the community will enjoy and want to share,”

Adnan won’t stop until the brand has earned its place as a mainstream hip-hop platform. He’s surrounded himself with a team that shares the same passion and love for the brand. Adnan’s guiding principle at Technik Studios and TUNES & WHIPS is allowing an environment for fun, growth, experimentation, and happiness. “I think if your team is able to have fun, try new things,

and be a positive environment where the vibes are fun, it’ll ultimately lead to some pretty great strides as a company,” Adnan says.
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