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Mr. Nikhil Uchlani Also known as Krunal Uchlani: CEO of KU Entertainment

Mr. Nikhil Uchlani Also known as Krunal Uchlani. CEO of KU Entertainment. An influencer marketing, event management & Celebrity management in Pune. Nikhil started his journey to celebrity management when he was 16. At such a young age where teen age goes to schools, college, etc. Mr. Nikhil Uchlani Started working for his brand KU Entertainment. His vision was clear for “KU”. Nikhil also organized beauty pageants. In which he had great losses. But he never gave up.

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Mr. Nikhil Uchlani was 11th drop out student. But he always believed “Don’t stay in bed, unless you can’t make money in bed”. A small guy with big dreams finally started working on his dreams. He Always says “Baar baar giro , per jab uthoge na tab kisi ko lagne mat dena , ki tum kabhi gire bhi the”. When his friends used to go to school, colleges,ย  parties. He used to work on his dreams. Nikhil Founded KU Entertainment on 31st March 2019.
Having great losses in the first 6 months He finally thought to get something new in the market. Nikhil came with a concept of influencer marketing. He started targeting TikTok Influencer’s as TikTok was one of the well-known platforms among youngsters. He tried a lot but failed again and again. But he always believed ” Uthta wahi hai , jo girne ki sahi aahmiyat jaanta hai” . Finally Nikhil Came in the competition. Being a CEO he personally managed some Influencer too.
Mr. Nikhil Uchlani not only manages “KU” but before starting he personally learned some skills like. Graphic designing, Social Media Management, etc. He is an inspiration to youngsters. The 11th drop out student. Made his image in an influencer marketing field. Mr. Nikhil Uchlani always says “Every Successful person was once an unknown person that refused to give up on their dream


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