Solo Stove Fire Pits Review: Are Solo Stoves Actually Worth It?

A portable fire pit can save you the trouble of setting up a traditional campfire, especially when you’re camping or tailgating. Solo Stove offers three different models – Ranger 2.0 (small), Bonfire 2.0 (medium), and Yukon 2.0 (large).

Hyper-Efficient Airflow Technology

These fire pits use hyper-efficient airflow technology to minimize smoke. They also reduce the amount of ash produced by the burn chamber, so cleanup is easy.

A fire pit is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, especially when you’re camping. It’s a social activity that helps you connect with nature, make memories and bond with your friends.

Portable Wood-Burning Pits

Solo Stove has designed its portable wood-burning pits with the aim of producing efficient airflow and a smokeless flame. They also sell additional accessories, including a rain cover, which they call shelters, and a stand, which elevates the fire pit to protect heat-sensitive surfaces like patios or decks.

Stainless Steel Pits

While they aren’t cheap, these stainless steel pits are worth the splurge. They’re also portable and easy to set up.

Safe for High Temperatures

Solo stoves are designed to be portable, allowing you to take them with you on your next camping trip or to set up an instant pit in your backyard. They can also be used on a patio, but you will want to make sure that the surface is safe for high temperatures.

Depending on the model you choose, your Solo Stove fire pit will either be able to sit on a flat surface, like the ground, or it can have an included stand that raises it above the ground. This will help keep it safe from kids and pets running around or turning it over while you’re using it.

Smoking & Burning Wood

Solo Stove fire pits are primarily designed for smoking and burning wood, but they’re also great for cooking over. They produce less smoke than traditional fire pits, and they generate more intense flames.

Most Appealing Features of Solo Stoves

One of the most appealing features of solo stoves is their easy setup and maintenance. Unlike most fire pits, there is almost no assembly required for these stainless steel units.

Double-Walled Design

These fire pits use a double-walled design that pushes air into the bottom of the unit and through its top vent holes, reducing the amount of smoke they emit. This helps the fire burn more efficiently and creates a healthier flame.

They also have a removeable ash pan, which makes it incredibly simple to clean up after you use the unit. Once you are done using the unit, just turn it upside down and dump out all of the ash into a trash can.

For those who are worried about rain water accumulating in their unit, Solo Stove offers a range of covers to keep it dry. However, be sure to buy the right cover for your specific model of fire pit so it can withstand the weather.

Top-Lift Updraft Gasification

Solo Stoves use a technology known as TLUD (top-lift updraft gasification), which creates an extra-hot smokeless fire that burns faster and produces finer ash. This allows you to light a roaring fire in minutes, and then spend less time tending to the flames so you can enjoy your night.

Traditional Campfires

The TLUD method is also safer than traditional campfires, as it doesn’t create a chimney effect. This means that kids and pets can be safely gathered around your fire pit, as long as they are kept a safe distance away.

Final Words:

As you might expect, Solo Stoves are a bit hot to the touch, but that’s not a problem as long as you remember to keep children, pets and blankets away from them. Once the Solo Stove has cooled down, it’s very easy to handle. Just make sure to wear a pair of fire-resistant gloves!


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