What to Wear to Bed When You Go to Sleep

One of the most common questions that women have is which is the right clothes to wear during the night when they go to bed. Is it a chinese silk robe? Is it a pajama? Or should you just wear whatever is in your closet? Take a look at the recommendations that are listed below. Make sure to try them all out and decide for yourself which nightwear is the most comfortable for you.

What Should You Wear to Bed?

Short and Tank Top

You should always go for comfort no matter what. It is already night and you are in your home. Unless you are preparing for a special event during your slumber time, you should pick the clothes that you are most comfortable with.

Shorts and tank top never goes out of style. They are very comfortable to wear and use. You can maneuver on your bed easily. You also do not have to make an effort to adjust your clothes when you want to stretch or curl.

Short and tank tops are also very cute to look at. Whether you want to take a short video call with your friends or family, you do not have to change into some other clothes before going to bed.

Sweatpants and Oversized Shirts

Another set of clothes that you should have in your closet come nighttime is a pair of sweatpants and an oversized shirt. First of all, sweatpants are super comfortable to wear. You cannot go wrong with sweatpants of any color but you can pick the ones that complement your skin tone.

Oversized shirts are cozy to wear. It may be because of the loose-fitting fabric that hangs on the body or the overall relaxed vibe that it brings you that makes oversized shirts a wise choice when you go to bed to sleep. Printed or plain oversized shirts are recommended to add style to your bed time fashion.

Chinese Silk Robe

If you want to have that oriental vibe, you should go and get a chinese silk robe. These robes mostly come with shorts. The material is great to the touch and gives you a nice cool feeling. A Chinese silk robe can make you sleep soundly because of the comfort that it brings the user.

With a Chinese silk robe, you actually have a lot of choices. You can opt for plain ones or you can go for printed variants. They also come in different designs and fits. But they all can give a good night’s sleep to anyone who wears them.


A lingerie is not a piece of night wear that you need to wear if you have a companion. If you feel good and you want to wear lingerie for the night, then go right ahead. Lingerie comes in all shapes and sizes. And they also are available in different colors.

Just one thing to remind yourself while wearing lingerie on the bed is that some variants of lingeries have hooks and metals that can accidentally cut the bed sheet or blanket. Be mindful of such lingerie.

It is amazing how many choices you have when going to bed. Being comfortable is what matters when you sleep. If you are a pajama person, go ahead and wear it all you want. If you love wearing a robe, then, by all means, go to bed with a chinese silk robe. At the end of the day, it is all about feeling good about yourself during the night and wearing whatever makes you have a long night’s sleep.

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