6 Best New Year Gifts For Your Loving Girlfriend

The new year comes with a list of opportunities and lessons for all of us. We happily welcome the first light of the sun on the first day of the year. We cut new year cake, dance to our favorite tunes and even express gratitude to God. 

As the new year is quietly approaching, after Christmas celebrations, we do not have time to go about looking for the ideal new year gifts and preparing for the New Year’s eve party celebration. We have started looking online and as well as offline for a new year gift for girlfriend and family members. If you are seriously confused about what to give your girlfriend this new year? We have your back. 

We have enlisted a few interesting yet thoughtful new year gifts for girlfriend. Find out what suits you the best! 

A Hoodie

We welcome the first sun of the new year during the coldest months of the year. All of us love to flaunt our vibrant woolen coats, jackets, caps, and boots. We know women love hoodies. They end up borrowing their husband’s or boyfriend’s hoodie. They are infamous for keeping back the hoodies of their partners.  Opting for a cute hoodie as a new year gift for girlfriend would be a great idea. You can opt for checking wishlisted stuff for this winter, and go ahead with her selection of hoodies or you can also go for checking out a good quality hoodie both online and offline. Surprise your girlfriend with a cute pastel shade or v vibrant coloured hoodie this new year. We bet- she will still steal your one. 

A Spacious Bag

A spacious bag is every woman’s dream. They carry everything and anything in their bags. From scrunchies, house keys to files and power banks to a list of important things- everything can manage to get a small space in their bags. This new year instead of going that typical conventional way- opt for giving a good quality branded bag as a new year’s gift to your lady love. You can even purchase it from an authorized company store. Select the best bag from the catalog of her favorite company. This new year, gift her a spacious bag so that she never asks you to accommodate almost everything in your pants or shirt’s pocket. 

A Watch

Whenever we think about an all time ageless gift option- whether its an anniversary, birthday or any celebration. Gifting a watch has been the safest yet classy option. Try gifting your woman an elegant watch as a new year gift this time. A watch elevates your ensemble personality effortlessly. You can either think about gifting her a vintage watch of your choice or quietly sneak into her phone and check out the option she has been eyeing. There are excellent brands available. Go for a watch that can be worn with both traditional and western attire. Surprise her by gifting something valuable and symbolic- a watch can also symbolize ‘All my time is yours’. We bet this message will make her emotional. 

Copper Bottle

When we have to stay out for hours and hours- we end up carrying our stuff. If your person spends the maximum part of her day outdoors, try gifting her something useful like a water bottle or a sipper. Try getting a copper water bottle as a new year’s gift for your girlfriend. As copper is a multifunctional metal, it can keep germs and bacterias at bay. One can be tension free if they drink water from a copper bottle- as there is zero risk of consuming microplastic. Science apart- it does make a lovely eco friendly new year’s gift for almost everyone. You can also think about gifting a copper bottle as a new year gift for family members too. 

A Scarf

An easy- breezy new gift option for your girl is a scarf. Imagine that thousand watt smile that will light up your world and her face simultaneously when she will unwrap the gift. Scarves can be used by your lady love in every season- specifically during winters. Opt for a colorful or a floral print scarf for her. A simple attire can be brought to life by just adding a radiant scarf worn in a presentable manner. Stop thinking much- simply opt for a scarf as a new year gift for her and then she will flaunt it proudly in front of her friends and folks. 

A Lucky Charm 

Going by the latest trend- an evil eye pendant, a dreamcatcher or a laughing Buddha keychain etc. are all lucky charm objects. Nowadays, evil eye pendants are much in demand. Be it an evil eye anklet, pendant, ear ring or even a pendant- all are worn by women. It has become a statement jewelry. Choose a cute evil eye pendant or anklet for a pretty woman as a new year gift and surprise her. 


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