Sharad Kumar Yadav : An Inspirational Journey of Indian Youth Leader.

When the biggest of politicians disappoint, young blood is needed to bring a change in the society which was proven by Youth leader Sharad Kumar who is professionally

known as Sharad Kumar Yadav is that young blood who is expected to bring a revolution in the land of Banka village of Bihar, he is an active member of “Team SHARAD” and a rising face that tackles the problems of a common man.

Sharad Kumar is known as Sharad Kumar Yadav who was born on 24 April 1999 in Banka town of Bihar.Sharad Kumar Yadav completed his studies of management from University of Lucknow and joins politics for the change. Recently, he is doing Panchayat Election Campaigns Awareness for his people and sets his marks for the future.The youth of Banka identifies him as a social activist and a strong leader.


Last year too, Sharad Kumar Yadav had arranged for the transportation of thousands of migrants who were stuck in Patna and bihar during the nationwide lockdown. He also arranged the food kits for poor people who couldn’t afford two square meals a day during the lockdown.


few months ago, Youth leader Sharad Kumar Yadav supported the farmers who opposed the new farm bills proposed by the Centre. He also constantly mentions the importance of women’s safety and empowerment. He, in a true sense, is the young leader Bihar needs today.


He said nowadays, In Bihar there is corruption in every sector and a engineer, doctor, bureaucrats, lawyer can not stop this only a true politician can make this stop for a great Bihar and Great Country. My dream is to become politician and make our surroundings corruption free and make feel safe for women.


Recently, during the winter he helped for the needy people by distributing blankets and many more warm clothes. His father is the inspiration for today he is and and also he said “I grew up watching my father participate in protests and raising his voice for people’s welfare”.


Social and political activist Sharad Kumar Yadav hails from Banka and currently resides in Patna. He actively raises his voice of social issues. His philanthropic work has gained him people’s respect along with the expectations that he would continue his good work as a politician and social worker.

At last but not at the least he give message to the public, “Nobody can do everything but everybody can do something, if we want the change in we have to change ourselves. Help each other”.




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