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Charles Russell Leone IV || Digital Photography Tips for 2022

An ambitious go-getter and over achiever, Charles Russell Leone IV enjoys among other things, hiking, fitness and photography. He believes the key to living a purposeful and fulfilling life is to follow your dreams, and passion. In this article, Charles Russel Leone shares his top digital photography tips for budding enthusiasts like him, for 2022.

Digital photography is the use of electronic and computing devices such as cameras, and phones, to create, edit, and share captured images. The first digital camera was created in 1975 by engineer Steve Sassonn who worked at Kodak. He assembled the camera from leftover electronic parts at the Kodak factory floor. Digital photography differs from traditional photography because unlike traditional photography where images are captured and stored on a film, digital photography uses electronicΒ  photodetectors to capture and store images.Β 

As a photography enthusiast, Charles Russel Leone IV has accumulated some tips and tricks based on his experience. These are;

Choose a subject that you enjoy. Photography is a highly visual medium. If you do not enjoy what you are taking pictures of, it is likely that the audience might pick up on this because of the lack of novelty in the imagery.

Move close to your subject. While it’s tempting to use the zoom feature on your phone or camera, it can significantly lower the quality of the image that is produced.

Get correct lighting. Lighting can tell a story. Deeper hues give off a foreboding vibe while brighter colors and tones give off a cheery ambience to your picture. Because you do not have the benefits of words to explain the narrative that you are trying to portray, manipulate the lighting to help you tell a story.Β 

Practice everyday. While this may seem quite obvious, it is not possible to reach the level of professionalism that you desire if you do not put in the work. Fifteen minutes to half an hour of practice will go a long way in boosting confidence in your craft.

Keep it simple. Use simple backgrounds that will not distract the audience from the main subject. You can create a plain backdrop or natural landscapes such as the beach to bring out the contrasts that you need.

FInd the right composition using the rule of thirds. To use the rule of thirds, divide the screen into nine squares. Some subjects look better if they are the focal point of the photograph which means that they are the center, and others look better if they are off- center, and placed at the intersection of the lines making up the imaginary squares.

Keep steady hands to avoid taking blurry images. If you think that you might not have steady hands, use a tripod to keep the camera stable. Use the appropriate shutter speed. If your shutter speed is too slow, then any slight camera movements will result in blurry images.Β 

Understand the basics of ISO. ISO is a camera setting to control the amount of light that an image receives, therefore brightening or darkening a photo. Using your camera in auto mode takes care of the controls of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, but you run the risk of not achieving your desired results. The higher your ISO, the more sensitive your camera will be to your light. The result is your image will be brighter.

Choose the right camera. Base your choice of equipment on your skill level, budget, and the type of photography that interests you.

Make use of the golden hour by shooting early in the morning or at dusk. The light from the sun isn’t bright and won’t scorch your pictures.

Carefully choose your perspective. Perspective is how you view the subject. Vertical pictures look great in portrait mode, and wide angle pictures look good when shot in landscape mode.

Finally, document your photography journey. Learn from your mistakes and note your achievements. Make the most out of every experience and have fun.


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