A very talented artist “Syed Fardeen” is now verified Musician Artist

Syed Fardeen is a verified artist on platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Jio Saavn, and Chingari.

Syed Fardeen is an investment analyst by day and musician by night. He became a social media influencer when he began uploading videos of him singing covers of popular songs on YouTube in 2020.

He was the first Indian artist to have more than Five million Views on chingari App.

Syed Fardeen is a Indian singer-songwriter, social media influencer and a verified artist.

Syed Fardeen is a certified Indian artist and social media influencer. He has been ranked among the 30 top verified Indian artists and ranked among the top 10 Asian Artists on YouTube.d

He has a huge following on his Instagram account with over 20k followers and 2k followers on Facebook. He released his first single “Doranda Waale” in October 2020.

In recent years, many musicians have been verified on various social media networks to help them increase their visibility and fan base. Besides streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music, verified musicians can provide you with non-stop music for free on SoundCloud.

It’s been said that the millennial generation is the most connected generation. They are social media savvy and know how to set up a successful LinkedIn account for their job hunt. With an Indian verified musician artist and social media influencer, we see how we can capitalize on the millennial generation’s interest in new cultures and people through digital means.

There are many challenges that Syed had to face on his path but they didn’t stop him from believing that he would make it big.

Syed Fardeen is a 19-year-old Indian singer, actor and musical artist who is redefining the standards of India’s entertainment industry.


He has been awarded the title of β€œThe youngest Indian singer, actor, and musician in India” by Guinness World Records.


He is an advocate for creative education for all children through his organization S.E.D (Seed Education Development) Foundation. His performances have been featured in various other media outlets such as Zoom TV, CNN News 18 Jharkhand, etc.


His career as a singer began in February 2021 with an album called “Dekh Mujhe Bhi”. which was released on 21 March 2021. His recent single “Sab Tera New Version” came out on 3 April 2022.


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