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Punjabi singer Kamal Choudhary inspired by Gurdaas Maan

Punjabi and Rajasthani singer Kamal Choudhary, who is best known for his song ‘Hariyala Banna’, is about to venture into Bollywood soon with his upcoming hits.

In the past, Kamal has composed and sung Punjabi songs like ‘Kasoor’, ‘Golden Bangles’, ‘Jhompadi’, ‘Thaare Bina’, ‘Hariyala Banna’ & many more.

The Punjabi singer shared the inspiration behind his music. “Gurdaas Maan Sahab has been my biggest motivation over the years. Whenever I sit for ‘riyaz’ before every ‘riyaz’ it is necessary for me to listen to Gurdaas Maan Sahab. His voice gives me eternal peace and the way he sings can really blow your mind.”

“Since the start of my music carrier till now he has always been my biggest motivation and for me, I feel no one can ever replace or take his place in the industry for giving such amazing melody to the industry,” he added.

Kamal will start shooting for his upcoming untitled song on November.

He has also composed and sung songs like ‘Kasoor’, ‘Golden Bangles’, ‘Jhompadi’, ‘Thaare Bina’, ‘Hariyala Banna’ & many more.

Think about it, Rock Stars aren’t born, they’re created. Success is a journey and a process that comes with hard work, perseverance and positivity. If you quit the game before you even start because you’re comparing yourself to your idols or someone who is successful already, then you’re ignoring the fact that even these powerful and successful people were once beginners themselves.

As a singer, you may not yet be able to sing like your favourite singers or hit the high notes you’ve always dreamed of, but once upon a time neither could you favourite singers. Chris Cornell wasn’t ‘born’ singing a high C, and Aretha wasn’t ‘born’ the Queen of Soul – they became so with practice, hard work, perseverance and positive action, said “Kamal.

Kamal Choudhary also said that Positive Action Yields Positive Results – this is my daily mantra. What you can’t do today, you can learn to do tomorrow. Singing is a simple process of coordination and balance, both of which you can train with consistent practice and the right thought process. Are you taking positive steps towards building the voice of your dreams?


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