Monday, July 22, 2024

Prerana’s Mizaaj : The girl defying all odds and making it big in the literary field.

“Prerana” stands for “Inspiration” her penned name being “Teller of Tales” which means somebody who can express herself through stories.Maybe that is why she is gifted with the ability to express her feelings through writing as we all know “Pen to be the strongest weapon if used wisely”.She belongs from the “City of Joy-kolkata” You can also call it the “land of art and culture”.She has been writing for the past 7yrs now and has published 4 books of her own as of now “first being “The Unforgettable 23” then “Never knew the known” “Mizaaj-a series of poetry” which won many hearts and then “Fallen Angel”.When she started writing it was a very tough journey as we all know giving an end to a book is not easy because people relate with it.Her health was very much degraded when she started writing but hopes to touch the sky were always high and thus she never gave up on her motivation to write,to explore and never forgot her committment towards her books and this kept her going.This is her 5th book but her first book on Employees and Corporate life and their struggles.A mid-class guy or a girl is burdened with so many things and the struggle to stay at a job or shift to a new one is more stressful.Being an employee she too has faced these & based on her experiences and how it should be she has given her thoughts a vision & this book is the combination of those learnings and the vision.This is not just a book but a story of all the sufferings employee go through.People can relate to it and if it can change one life also she will be more than happy it will be worth it.Everyone goes through these phases and gain their own learnings.If you have any do share it with her.”We are together in this apart from designations we all are “Employees” first” is what she says.Considering the pandemic our pain has increased only.Not all are happy.Few are infected aswell recovering.But in all this one thing she understood never make plans if you want to do something this is the moment because next moment is not assured.We are dead souls in living bodies mostly in this era but how a professional life damages a whole lot of personal life is not everyone is aware of.Mental awareness and well-being is so important and people are still not that active.Why being “Interactive” is important How you can develop your communication without putting any extra effort and how to get a job faster.A proper approach to the HR and ways to manage it.She wrote it all for you guys so that what mistakes she made you don’t repeat those.You are always a step away from perfection.Never lose hope even if you are jobless now this book will help you to get one definitely.Very excited to share her experiences with you guys and hoping for a positive outcome.
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