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OguzHan release new song, “Electric Ladyland”

If we were to give details about OguzHan Yılmaz, the artist put forward his first mixtape, target Turan, in 2020.
We can say that the artist, who has more than 30 thousand followers on Instagram and broke the listening record on Spotify, continues to be a trend with his new song. In addition, the artist shares the remix versions of his tracks with his fans on music platforms.

Oguzhan Yılmaz In the most listened foreign albums, artists and singles, Inna did not lose its top spot in all 3 categories.

The most listened to digital music platform Muud Un in January has been determined. Oğuzhan Yılmaz, who has been at the top in the past months, surprises us with his new songs.

Expressing that one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic is the music sector, Oguzhan Yılmaz gave the signal for his new album, which he plans to release in February.

Making his fans happy with the preparations for his new album, young Oguzhan Yılmaz said that he worked hard during the pandemic process and said, “The entertainment industry has taken a big hit with the pandemic and people are very bored at home. I look forward to starting the festival and entertainment industry at this time when people need entertainment.”

Oğuzhan Yılmaz is about to release a new song. Noting that his new song will be released in a few days in a statement on Instagram, OguzHan Yılmaz gave details about his new song.

The song, whose name is “Electric Ladyland”, has 2 pieces and the pieces give a slow and numbing feeling. The track will be on Spotify and many digital stores in the coming days. Oguzhan Yılmaz, who is seen among the artists on the rise, entered 200K in the IMDb ranking. It seems that he will surprise us with his new song.

We will be with you again when the song will be released and we will inform you. Continue to follow us. Details about the artist OguzHan Yilmaz are with you on maxtern-media.

For details and updates about the piece, follow artist OguzHan Yılmaz on social media.

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