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Meet Youngest Entrepreneur Afroj Ali Co-Founder of Alipreneurs

Everyone thinks that we should be successful in life, but few get success in life. One of these is Afroj Ali. No one knew him, but seeing his work, many people started knowing him. Getting success at a young age is a big deal from a small startup. Even after starting a startup, they did not get success, they were surrounded by difficulties, but there was a stubbornness inside them. And the stubbornness that was making them strong, they started a startup, that too together.

The name of this startup is


Afroj Ali was born on 9 September 2002 in a small village in Jaunpur District. It is a big deal to move from a small village to digital life, yes something happened to them. Afroj Ali is an Indian Entrepreneur, blogger, Author, co-founder at also a content creator.


Afroj Ali’s wish is that, “When the dose of your dedication, patience and hard work has increased manifold, then success will be at your feet”.


Those who are successful people write their luck with their own hands, or they become by their own hard work.


He did not believe in all these things, as if one day it would be a miracle in his life, he thought that he would have a car, and there will be nice houses, they never thought that.

Just like a businessman runs away from the job of 9-5, it is in him. He toiled hard to realize what he has currently. Alipreneurs is digital media company which is helping budding entrepreneurs to learn about entrepreneurship, startup and what is happing in business world. Alipreneurs started by Nadeem Ali Founder & CEO on 22 jaunuary 2020. Afroj Ali and Asif Ali is Co-Founder.

To all the budding young entrepreneurs, Afroj Ali urges them to suppose unambiguously. He needs them to be optimistic and consistent in their path towards success. His recommendation to them is simple- if you would like to achieve success in life, never let anyone to limit your potential. Success may be achieved providing you’re willing to present your everything for it.


You can follow him on social media handles as @afrojalipro














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