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Young Achiever from Kolkata Rohit with his brand FRUNKY

We all are dreamers, but there are few achievers among us. Rohit Saha, 21 years old boy coming from a middle class Bengali family. Writing is in his blood, he started his writing journey from the age of 15. He trusts his pen & paper more than everyone. According to him, pen & diary are his best friend.
His life started changing from 2020. When everyone was getting bored during lockdown. This boy started taking writing seriously. Apart from writing Rohit is very much active in social medias, he loves to watch videos in YouTube. And one day suddenly he came across a food vlogging video of Bengal’s No. 1 Food Vlogger The Lazybong aka Dipta Shanka Bakshi. As Rohit is a foodie, he loves to watch Lazybong’s video. And Lazybong made him realize that everyone has their unique talent and for Rohit it was his writing skill. Then Rohit decided to start his YouTube journey by pis poetic name THE BONG BUZZ. And slowly slowly he crossed his 1k subscribers in just 10months. And then comes Rohit aka The Bong Buzz’s ” Dream Come True ” moment, finally he met his YouTube’s inspirational The lazybong and not only that he got featured in Lazybong’s vlog. After that Rohit came across, one of the best young Entrepreneur of India Mr. Sayan Chakroborty. Rohit started admiring Sayan, and fortunately our The Bong Buzz got a chance to work with his Inspiration Mr. Sayan Chakroborty.
His journey didn’t stop here, he worked with another well known Entrepreneur Mr. Rahul Basak.
In between all these, The Bong Buzz created history. He made an World Record by writing 240 quotes in just 24 hours. He is one of the most popular face of Inkzoid Books of World Record 2021.
Rohit Saha aka The Bong Buzz is now ready to start his Entrepreneur journey, after being a part of several startups within the past 2years. Now our beloved The Bong Buzz is ready to come with his own startup. He is coming up with his first e-commerce company ” Frunky “.
In an interview Rohit said ” Frunky will be the brand for the Youth. I always wanted to do for the youth. Nd in this E-commerce brand we will be selecting interns among youth of our society mainly the School & College student “. Isn’t it sounds interesting? That’s the USP of our beloved THE BONG BUZZ, everything he do becomes interesting. Already he had given us many interesting things. Now let’s wait for FRUNKY.
As Rohit Saha always says : “Yes, the β€œfailure” will be painful, and you’ll grieve the loss of a profound passion. But that loss frees you. It’s liberating. You’ve got an infinite amount of dreams to pursue, so don’t hold yourself back. You can literally do whatever you want. Don’t play it safe. Take a chance, or you’ll never really know what you can do.”


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