Meet Avinash lulla India’s youngest social media influencer

Avinash, A Very Young Power From Mumbai is Chasing his dreams with memes, at such a tender age of 18
He has completed his 12th and his current occupation is managing Instagram & Facebook pages. he started his journey as a social media handler with just 1k Followers and now he himself is the owner of 2M+ followers base. which is a really huge followers base count! & he completed his digital Marketing course with 22 certificates
it was very tough for Avinash to follow his dreams and do something with which most of us are not famlier with.
At this age when most of the students are busy in learning history, Avinash is busy in creating his own.
With pressure from parents for studies Avinash never stopped, performing well in studies he is evolved in many more social and techie activities. He is also helping many small Influencers and Brands to grow their audience on Instagram.
Avinash Says, I don’t know anything about luck. I’ve never banked on it and I’m afraid of people who do. Luck to me is something else: Hard work – and realizing what is opportunity and what isn’t.
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