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How to make your marketing strategy resonates

If you’re selling a high-ticket item, you’re probably wondering how to avoid a sales pitch that feels forced or inauthentic. The good news is that there are some ways to make your sales pitch feel more authentic. These include identifying buyer personas and avoiding a rigid sales script.

Selling high-ticket items

If you’re selling high-ticket items, you’ve probably heard about the sales funnel, which is a series of steps leading to a customer’s purchase decision. This strategy will help you sell more expensive items, which are more profitable. A sales funnel can be a great way to sell high-ticket items, but you should remember that it’s a mistake to only offer high-ticket items.

High-ticket items are products that can cost hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars. The reason that high-ticket items are so expensive is because the profit margin is so much higher than with low-ticket items. High-ticket products can often have a 10x higher profit margin than lower-cost items.

Identifying buyer personas

Identifying buyer personas is a great way to make sure your marketing strategy resonates with your ideal customer. These personas should be detailed, accurate, and realistic. They should include the common facts about your target audience as well as their goals, pain points, and preferred methods of communication and purchase. These personas are not the same as your actual customers, but they are your starting point for your marketing strategy.

To create buyer personas, you can start by asking yourself the same questions your customer might ask if they were a potential buyer. Then, you can compare your answers to other colleagues’ responses. This will help you see if there are any inconsistencies between your answers.


High ticket sales can be challenging. Unlike low ticket sales, where marketers can convert leads through email newsletters, chatbots, and similar methods, high ticket sales require more personalized interactions. Personalization also allows marketers to gain a deeper understanding of the customer. Personalization helps businesses make a stronger connection with their customers and increases ROI.

To make personalization effective, companies need to align their sales teams across different channels. They must be trained on the benefits of personalization and understand how to use digital tools to create a seamless omnichannel experience. One example of this is a retailer that gave its in-store associates a sales-assist tool on a tablet and conducted targeted training. After implementing this program in a few test stores, the average basket size increased by five percent.

Another way to increase high ticket sales is by leveraging customer personas. Customer personas help marketers better understand a customer’s pain points and what they need. By focusing on these two factors, a persona can be created that is specific to that customer.

Understanding buyer pain points

A successful sales process starts by understanding buyer pain points. Often, they are simple problems, like not being able to find a specific product, or a lack of time to scroll through the website. There are several categories of buyer pain points, and learning these will help you craft your sales pitch.

Pain points are persistent problems that a customer has. These problems can be caused by a lack of knowledge, a poor experience, or an ineffective support system. Regardless of the reason, it’s vital to understand these pain points and solve them. Although we may think that customers buy to be happy, it’s more common for them to buy to avoid pain.

To understand buyer pain points, you need to understand what drives your customers’ purchasing decisions. Often, this involves one-on-one interaction, surveys, and research. In addition, analyzing customer ticket history and online reviews can help you identify common problems customers face.


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