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Types of Fantasy Cricket Contests—Everything You Need to Know

The popularity of fantasy cricket is growing, reaching new heights, and why not? Cricket has always been a national pastime in India since it was first introduced. It is a game we have loved for years and the players have dominated our hearts. However, the real game has evolved into a virtual one over the past few years. Now we are the players, or, to be more precise, we are the selectors.

Software & app development for fantasy cricket have overtaken the cricketing world. While the concept of playing a single cricket match in the fantasy world has been around for a while, it has proven to be very popular. There are hundreds of fantasy game websites popping up everywhere. Since real money is at stake, everyone is paying attention to the market. Many well-known cricketers have stepped forward to represent these games as brand ambassadors. If that is the case, then what is stopping you? The basics of fantasy cricket are summarized below.

What is Fantasy Cricket?

Choosing players for your team from both teams is the fundamental principle of every fantasy sport based on a sports event. In the actual game, points are awarded based on the performance of the players. Fantasy cricket follows the same process. Fantasy cricket is a type of online game played online. We create a virtual team that competes in the real world and scores points for us. It is important to pick the right players and support them to perform well.

Types of Fantasy Cricket Contests

There are hundreds of contests on these sites every day. The following are a few notable variations:

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A head-to-head comparison

Among the different types of games, head-to-head is the simplest. The winner is determined by the combination of the two players. The winner receives the entire prize, and the loser receives nothing. In leagues like this, where your chances of success are 50%, you have the best chance of winning.

Medium Contests

There are leagues with anywhere from 30 to 300 players between the winner-takes and grand leagues. Even though there are more winners here, the chances of winning the top rewards are low. Contests in this category fall between the two main categories.

Grand Leagues/Mega Contests

In the Mega Leagues, everyone tries their luck. There are thousands of competitors in these competitions. It is a large prize with so many players, but the chances of winning are extremely low. To win this type of league, you need a lucky day and an outstanding selection.

Winner Takes All

Head-to-head is the next phase. There are more than two competitors in this type of competition, but generally fewer than five or six. There is only one winner in a “winner takes all” competition since all participants pool their entrance fees. While the odds are lower (33% to 20%) than in head-to-head, the prizes are larger.


It does not matter whether a particular team wins or loses a real-world game in a fantasy 

cricket contest. Since fantasy games do not involve betting or gambling, they are not considered to be illegal. Fantasy sports rely more on talent than chance or luck to determine results and don’t qualify as bets. A fantasy sports game is considered a game of skill, where skill is more important than luck. It depends on “the participants’ relative understanding, training, attention, experience, and decisions and judgments.”

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