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How to EarnMoney From Tiktok – Make Money On Tiktok (2020 Latest)

You can earn money on TikTok only if you get sponsorship opportunities. There are two things to learn from my answer about earning from TikTok.

  1. How TikTok earns?
  2. How a user can earn? (Which is your question)

TikTok majorly monetizes through Ads and Sponsored marketing (if done through partnerships or alliance).
However users of TikTok can earn only if they get sponsorship opportunity from any brand. This is only possible when you have millions of followers. Followers is the absolute basic to be even considered for a sponsorship. Then comes the amount of sponsorship. This totally depends on how good your engagement rates are on TikTok. Engagement rates are a matter of how many comments/likes to view ratio your videos have and how much popularity you have achieved.
According to my research, there are over 100 TikTok influencers in India alone who make over 10L Rupees a month, only through Sponsorship. Imagine if these people can earn so much, how much cummulative ad revenue can TikTok itself earn!
Watch this video below to know salaries of TikTok influencers in India.

What can be considered as a good follower count?
In Apps like Instagram, having over 10K Followers can help you get sponsors. But TikTok has taken over the internet like a storm. Having over 1 Lac Followers and having a good Engagement ratio can easily help you get brand sponsors, atleast from low to mid level companies.
How to Earn from TikTok in 2019–2020?
Earning money is never easy from a popular platform. Having said this, we all know Impossible is nothing 🙂
Please find below what all you need to ensure to earn credible money from TikTok in 2019
Step 1: Think of creating a unique profile. Something that will be welcomed and continuously liked by the audience. Just remember one thing: Your content is what will get you all the followers and fans. So make sure it is unique and loved!
Step 2: Start making videos using concepts or songs or catchphrases that are trendy.
Step 3: Link to your profile from various channels like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube etc
Step 4: Push your video to as many connections as possible. You must increase your view and engagement count by yourself so that TikTok pushes your content up the ladder in organic search.
Step 5: Doing all the above will get you handful of followers and views.
Step 6: Now approach brands that may benefit from you as an influencer and offer them sponsorship post at cheaper price. In the first phases, try increasing your portfolio of sponsorship clients to make you a trustworthy influencer.
Once this goes on, you will yourself understand how to move forward and earn more!
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