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From the ordinary guy from Chandigarh to an eminent entrepreneur: The story of Gursewak Singh Jaisal

A nation is known for the power of its youth and their participation. Undoubtedly, today’s generation is ambitious, hardworking, and knowledgeable, but it recedes in skills and passion. Here comes Gursewak  Singh Jaisal to the rescue. The pioneer name in Indian entrepreneurship, he believes in starting early and grabbing opportunities from all possible sources. Brought up in Chandigarh, he started his professional life at the age of 18 and has been unstoppable since. His dream is to make entrepreneurs all over the world. He is widely known for being the director of “WAF Entrepreneurs” which is a media platform to support and promote entrepreneurship. He believes that Entrepreneurship is the only way to progress. It nurtures our society and strengthens the living norm of people. Being a successful entrepreneur himself,  he advises you to leave the so-called educational system and free yourself to discover the pool of opportunities that the world has to offer. Being skillful is what the world needs right now.

Gursewak has always been someone who engages with people and conforms to their prerequisites. WAF  Entrepreneurs provides the scope of reaching extraordinary heights through entrepreneurship, making it reliable for the overworked youth. Today, WAF Entrepreneurs are connected with thousands of youth, and it provides them the opportunity to render their daydream apparent. Jaisal has achieved great name and fame in Networking, Information Technology, Branding, Entrepreneurship, Social Media Management, and many other portfolios. Through his Instagram handle @gursewaksinghjaisal, he has reached out to countless youngsters and helped them in every possible way. He says, ” Smile in your darkest time and worry in the brightest. Situations will never be the same; you have to be prepared for the next!” WAF  works in building maximum young entrepreneurs across the globe, and the social media handle  @waf_entrepreneurs is toiling vigorously to make the long-lost dream become real. He has also worked almost for 2 years with MNCs like Samsung and Hitachi. He is also the founder of Network4group, a multi-role company majoring in construction and events. The orange venture is his real estate project which reached the heights of success in no time. He has experience working as a producer in an international Punjabi news channel named “Juspunjabi”.  Gursewak’s achievements include being featured in Forbes India, Yahoo, and Londondailypost.

Belonging to a middle-class family from Chandigarh could not bring Jaisal’s morale down. Rising from scratch, and now being one of the topmost entrepreneurs of India, the journey is highly inspiring and should be heard by every person. The only significant reason for unemployment is the lack of life skills in the youngsters. WAF Entrepreneurs makes sure to offer its friendly hand to the newbies and giving the rising entrepreneurs opportunities and a better platform to show creativity.


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