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Meet Akshay Kumar S from Banglore

Mr. AKSHAY KUMAR S is an undergraduate student.Β  He is currently studying engineering course, pursuing in mechanical stream; second year in R V INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT. He is an Engineer to be in couple of years.
He is from the Silicon city, IT hub-Bengaluru , Karnataka state.
He is always been a keen learner and a competent professional. In any field, his efforts are sincere, meticulous and result oriented .
He doesn’t have a specific area of interest, you can call him as an allrounder. Whatever work he does , he gives one hundred percent and does it to the fullest with a lot of dedication and determination.Β  He is a hard worker as well as a smart worker.
He is an occasional singer, good orator and a writer, loves watching and playing cricket and football, and every other sport.
He is socially connected and responsible, doesn’t get setbacked in any situation.
He always follows and has inculcated a line :”DHAIRYAM SARVATHRA SAADHANAM” (Courage is tool everywhere).
He has been a co-author and contributed to many anthologies and publications of books in a very short span of time(in less than one month), participated in many writing contests by submitting my technical articles which are very helpful for the present world like( 5G technology, solar windows, neuralink, deliverance of life saving oxygen, hydrogen fuel vehicles etc) also got consolation prize or a special mentions for the article from the jury panel in a particular writing competition. Participated in many poetry competitions , two to three national level poetry competitions one of which conducted byΒ rated online contest organizer on GOOGLE) and many more, also received the certificates for the same.
Writings are submitted to the national level writing contests too. Received many appreciations from the organisers and compilers tha,t they have suggested my name and contact details to many of the others to rope in me for their works and contests. Secured top 3 positions in some competitions.
He is just a budding writer and crawling into this field, but inspite of everything, he has got numerous of appreciations for his writings, thoughts, expressions and communications. He has nominated in various awards, all the results were shown SUCCESS. This is what he is contributing to the field as a budding one, being very passionate enough . Nothing much stories to tell about him, all is that; This is just a beginning!
He is soon to be get notified and verified on google as founder and CEO of his own company.
Out of 800 writings , his writings were selected in top 35.
This shows his strength and capabilities.
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