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Sakshi Agrawal believes in dream, desire, dare and destiny

You can only achieve your dreams when you start believing in yourself. And from the day, she started believing herself, she began to fly, fly higher and higher to make her knowns proud of herself. She is going confidently in the direction of her dream to live the life she imagined.
Sakshi Agrawal, a young girl from Muzaffarpur, Bihar. She’s graduating in English honours from Patna University and is a CS aspirant as well. She loves to read, recite and write.
She started writing for her peace of mind. But as every path have obstacles, she won over all the them with her hard work and never gave up. Moving toward her goal, She is loving everything, whether it is a tough phase or a sweet one.
She recently achieved India book of records and Asia book of records for her book. She also have received “Most deserving award 2021” in category of social worker.
She has received many awards from school life, but the exposure and platform she received in writing have a different charisma. She had achieved OMG book of records, Bravo book of records, Exclusive book of records, Star record book of international and India’s world records, Indian book of records till date. She have been part of mass record attempt at Guinness book of world record.
Apart from that, she also have received many awards like Warriors of change by AwardsArc, Emerging Personality Award by opus talent awards, India Personality Award, international women’s inspirational award, Rising star of the year award by Priya wisdom publication, Women Victory award, Emerging women international award by hope international book of records, emerging Personality Award by opus talent awards, Kalam Ratna award by Kalam Foundation, prestigious Literary Award by AwardsArc,. TGP Gallant award, cosmos world records on yoga day 2021, titled as Real Heroes by the great podium and many more in the row.
Her life got shifted when she started her own initiative, Shivaay Foundation, a place to feed needy people, to help them. Apart from that she is also working as senior editor in Mt Kenya times, diaspora times and Classico opine.
Sakshi says, “There is freedom waiting for you On the breezes of the sky
And my heart asks what if I fail? But the soul says what if I fly? Let your soul fly and let the wind kiss you And say “yes you can do it”.”
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