Everything you’ve Always Wanted to know about Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry.

Libyan Desert Glass jewelry is an unusual stone that embodies the vibration of the golden rays inside them. It is a stone with powerful spiritual energy, and apart from this, the metaphysical properties of this crystal are unique, and they are seen as the manifestation tools. The stone ranges from 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale hardness, and it is one of the most significant stones for manifestation, bringing the focus to precisely affirm the goals to the universe. This was just an overview of the stone. Now let us talk in more detail about these properties.

The properties of Libyan Desert Glass

Libyan Desert Glass ranges from light yellow to deep golden color tones, although the lighter ones, which are a bit transparent, are considered more valuable than deeper golden. The natural fragments of this stone are available on the eastern border of Libya and West Egypt. This stone that looks beautiful when formed into the Libyan Desert Glass pendant is made of 98% silica. As the stone was formed 28.5 million years ago in the hottest desert, the fact is that when it was found, the temperature was above 1600 C.

The formation of the stone

The real Libyan Desert Glass is the most debated stone, many scientists and rockhounds have discussed a lot on this gemstone. There was considerable confusion about whether it is the tektite, or the Libyan Desert Glass, or the Libyan Gold Tektite, or it should be called the sand sea glass. The mystery still remains unanswered as many theories are connected to the stone, including those involving extraterrestrial beings. 

The formation of the stone

Wearing the Libyan Desert Glass bracelets while meditating will activate willpower, giving strength to the person. It will enhance the various psychic gifts that the wearer has not known, moreover, it opens and cleanses the lower chakras. The Libyan Desert Glass jewelry can be simply either worn or kept nearby while meditating, and it will intensify to repel the negative or the fearful emotions.

Intensify the creativity of the wearer

If anyone starts a new project or works on a particular activity or hobby, wearing the Libyan Desert Glass ring would increase their creativity. Wearing it on the daily routine would also show the wonderful effects of the incredible talent hidden inside the person. The skills that require creativity could be cherished by wearing this stone.

It makes the person look splendid.

The Libyan Desert Glass earrings look the prettiest when worn, and the earring can be worn on a casual dress while the woman or the girl goes for the party, or even these earrings could be worn while going to the office. This Libyan Desert Glass gemstone silver jewelry is among the rarest gemstone on the earth, and the wearer could cherish wearing this stone forever.

Cleaning and recharging the stone

Buying and wearing gemstone jewelry is good, but this gemstone jewelry needs to be taken care of always to impact working for a long time. Apart from the impact, the jewelry should look gorgeous, and for that, here are some tips to keep your stone clean and safe.

l As you now know, this stone has the energies stored inside them since 28.5 million years ago. So, the simple method to clean the stone is by keeping the Libyan Desert Glass jewelry crystal into the crystal bowl or the Tibetan singing bowl because that bowl has different kinds of sounds inside it.

l Water is a beautiful cleanser, and you can clean your stone with lukewarm water, dip the crystal into the bowl full of water and hold them for a moment. Never use saltwater on this crystal as it will penetrate the microscopic fissures and fade the shine of the stone.

l You can also keep your jewelry under the moonlight as it is the safest and the most popular way of cleansing the stone. However, as the stone doesn’t come in contact with anything except the soft moonlight, try to keep the stone on the full moon day to get the most benefits. Apart from these, the stone can be recharged with sound and sunlight but for a particular time.

Buying the Libyan Desert Glass

To buy the Libyan Desert Glass jewelry, you can order it online from Rananjay Exports. This is the online website, which deals in wholesale Libyan Desert Glass jewelry. They provide the best designs with the most affordable prices and, importantly, with high quality. They never adjust or compromise with the quality, as customer satisfaction is their utmost objective. They give free shipping when you order above $499, and there are other schemes of reward points, so go and check out their website and order today.


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