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Deepak Daryani: On SR25’s Futuristic Vision and Plans

Asha Confectionery is a leading confectionery business in the Indian market under the brand name of SR25. Though Asha Confectionery goes back a lot of years, the brand SR25 was launched in the year 2013. The founder of the business is Asha Daryani from the city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh. The business is considered as a thought leader in the market because of its extraordinary expertise and innovation that reflect on the brand’s products. The business has adapted to all the demand trends of the confectionery market and has constantly delivered nothing less than pure quality coupled with hygiene and taste. A wide variety of the confectionery’s products include hard boiled candies, jellies, chocolates, butter and strawberry waffles, moulding chocolates and cakes and even cookies and bubble gums.

Like any other business which grows tremendously in size and customer base, it becomes interesting to know about the brand’s collective vision of the future. In a recent informal interview, Deepak Daryani (Managing Director of Asha Confectionery) was asked about his vision of SR25. He replied, “I hold the same vision of utmost quality and taste that my father had for the business. SR25 will always be about hygienically curated and packaged products that taste great. We’ve strived to provide to society everything that we can, from quality and taste to employment and employee welfare. Asha Confectionery will always stand for the same values that it originally began with.”

When asked about future plans in relation to SR25, Deepak Daryani said, “As of now, we plan to continue with the production of quality products. Now and then, you might hear about a new flavour, texture or candy that we launch. That’s about it. In the future, we plan to establish a line of products completely different from the existing ones in the market. It’s not exactly on paper yet but we have it in mind to launch a separate line. Well, let it be a good surprise.”

Asha Confectionery is known to abide by all regulations set by authorities and has the accreditation of National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) for all its laboratories. The brand is proud to use organically sourced high quality raw materials and ingredients which enhance the final taste of each of its products.

The business has extended full support to the Make in India movement and has also gained additional growth and reach through it.


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