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Best Places That You Won’t Want To Miss in Pakistan – The Best Visitor Guide

Plan Your Trip

Take the time to plan out your trip. Lahore will have a plethora of things for you to do, depending on what you’re looking for. Want to see a single exhibit at the National Art Gallery or stand in line at the Lahore Fort and eat a kebab? Lahore has you covered. Planning, let’s take a look at some of the most important Pakistan events in 2018 that you won’t want to miss.

  1. The Mother of all Art Exhibitions: World of Sultan Qaboos and His Majesty the Sultan of Oman Did you know that Oman is home to one of the largest natural gas reserves in the world? And yet, this natural resource has given Oman the confidence to become one of the most developed countries in the Middle East.

Visit Lahore’s Historical Sites

Lahore is known for its grand old buildings, iconic monuments, and jaw-dropping architectural wonders. You’ll be hard-pressed to miss the famous Regal Baths, Shahi Hammam, and the pretty gardens of the Walled City. If you’re looking to extend your trip into an all-day excursion, take a trip to the Walled City and the city’s charming tourist spots. Hop on the Lahore metro and stop at Sheikhupura Road, the shopping capital of Lahore, where you can shop for beautiful rugs, jewelry, silverware, and other art. Stop for tea and snacks at Lahore’s new bakery, Chowpatty (baked biscuits and pastries), and enjoy watching the world go by in Lahore’s vibrant parks. Or, you can travel back in time and visit the beautifully preserved ruins of Lahore Fort and the Blue Mosque.

Enjoy the Nightlife

Dance until sunrise – at a “faulty music” booth in Bagh-e-Jinnah. Fly a kite in the pastel-colored skies of Children’s Park. Overseas, In-Sights by Purewal Hospitality is the perfect way to spend your time in Lahore. Explore the city’s pastel colors, literature, murals, handicrafts, and shabby elegance! Soak in the Wave of Daily Entertainment in Lahore This may shock people who think Lahore is just a typical industrial city. But Lahore is a bustling city that is more entertaining than most urban destinations in Pakistan. So go out with friends on Friday and get the authentic Pakistani experience. Walk in the City’s Literary History Explore through the densely packed lanes of the history of Lahore. Step inside the Lahore Fort and observe how Mohenjodaro was discovered.

Explore the Outdoors

With over two million trees on its outskirts, Lahore is a central green oasis in the capital. While there are lush green mountain ranges everywhere else in Pakistan, Lahore has its little piece of green. Go for a walk down to Bhangi Gheek and watch the locals in the city dancing to the beats of their traditional qawwali music. By the way, did you know that Lahore is the home to the city’s qawwali museum? If you’re in Lahore for a festival, like the World Sheepdog Trials, that also has a spectacular view. The land is so gorgeous, and you can go exploring and taking in the lush vegetation that hugs every corner.

Join a Tour to See Lahore’s Oldest Mosque

For all of you kotha lovers and multi-tasking dinner-hoppers alike, a trip to Agra is still incomplete without a trip to the mesmerizing, world-renowned Agra Fort. So while you’re in town, you might as well spend an afternoon wandering the city’s tight alleyways. The best time to see the historical monument is mid-November – and the resulting ruins are virtually uncharted. For more information, click here. Get in on an Urdu Language Workshop If you’re looking to add some spice to your life (and it’s a delicious spice indeed!), the Urdu Academy will be holding a crash course in Urdu for everyone interested in learning the romantic and otherworldly tongue. The system costs Rs2,100 per person. Could you read about it here?

Explore the Hindu and Sikh Heritage of Pakistan

The Dogra Dynasty ruled Lahore in the 18th century. This period is represented in Lahore’s famous Badshahi mosque. While touring the mosque, you can look at paintings of the Dogra ruler of Lahore, Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The Badshahi mosque is a testament to what Lahore looked like during the Dogra Dynasty, and the Lahore Fort is also another important historical site. However, the best thing to do here is to visit the Punjab Art Gallery, a virtual art gallery that exhibits traditional Hindu and Sikh art. The gallery will teach you about the culture and heritage of these two regions of Pakistan. Here, you can discover some of the best paintings of both religious and secular art.


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