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If I told you that there exists something so powerful that it can create and destroy a life, create an alternate reality, impact everything you have ever known. you would be suitably impressed and terrified.

And if I told you that apart from being this impactful, this something has no physical form, just exists in portals that we all can access, you would laugh at me because the concept is too outlandish to wrap one’s head around.

Not too wild my friend, the “something” mentioned above is our dear internet, the inescapable net of our lives.

Yes, the internet is vast and scary, but those who know how to navigate through it, those who know how to make the most of it need not be scared.

Meet Astitva Kumar – a 17-year-old from Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh – who has mastered the secrets of the internet. How such a young individual manages a mammoth task like this, is nothing short of fascinating.

Anyone who knows Astitva Kumar, also knows that he has always had a knack for being independent and self-sufficient. Hence, Kumar tried his hand at Digital Marketing. His strategies and applications were an instant success.

Digital Marketing gained importance when the internet started becoming commonplace and continues to grow its importance every day. Initially, online marketing was a new concept that many brands and companies did not pay much attention to, but with the passage of time and growth of the internet, digital or online marketing is now an integral part of a brand’s promotion and public relations.

And when brands and public figures need assistance with digital marketing, they approach wizes like Astitva Kumar. Kumar is well versed with success formulas of this field and has an additional upper hand as well. Since he is young, he easily comes up with ideas that might appeal to his peers. Since β€œGen Z” is the upcoming consumer base, campaigns which appease them are sure to be a success.

Given Astitva’s remarkable talent and young age, he is nothing short of a digital marketing prodigy.

Astitva has made a mark as a digital marketer, but he doesn’t plan on stopping there. He wishes to be a civil engineer and has dedicated himself towards cracking one of the toughest tests in the country and making it into one of the prestigious IIT institutions.

Managing a career at such a young age, and studying for such a tough exam at the same time, is not everyone’s cup of tea. Yet Kumar does with ease.

When asked about how he manages to do all this, Astitva thanks his biggest motivators – best friends Nikhil and Aditya, and his cousin brother Siddharth – for always being there for him. They always cheer him on. And never fail to inspire him.

With the correct motivation and dedication, Astitva Kumar has seemingly found the recipe for success. And given his young age, we all know he has a long path ahead, full of success and growth.


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