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Aman parvez, A-18-year-old boy Journey how he become famous

Aman Parvez, an 18 years old boy hailing from Kota, Rajasthan, the town popular for great quality studies in various fields and mostly for JEE, proved that Kota not only has got scholars but also got talents in various other fields. Aman Parvez has proved that he has got immense talent as a social media influencer when he got popular on both Instagram and TikTok. He has got 100k followers on Instagram and 300k followers on TikTok with the same username on both – “amanparvez_03”. Aman has just completed his +2 education and now works as a very influential social media influencer. His keeps on improving his talent as his main hobby is online learning. He keeps on upgrading his skills like every day!

Aman, from childhood, only loved to edit pictures. When TikTok came into the scene, he started using it and generating a great fanbase for his talent. His videos on TikTok got viral and now he’s here, a great and very popular TikTok and Instagrammer. The key point to his success was that he recognised his talent so early and he kept working on it till he achieved success and youngsters should learn that kind consistency from him. When everyone in Kota was willing to get into software engineering , he tried to prove his worth by choosing some other, less travelled way and got success eventually. That’s why it is said that, consistency us the key to success!

Aman is very smart, hardworking and talented. He has got a huge fanbase and is a great social media influencer and content creator. Emerging entrepreneurs and influencers should learn the basic skills to be an influencer from him.

Disclaimer: No MaxternMedia journalist was involved in the creation of this content.


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