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EduYear – Revolutionizing the Education

What is EduYear?

In the words of Co-Founder of Eduyear, Yuvraj Singh, describing Eduyear as just an educational website wouldn’t be enough. Eduyear is a movement towards providing easy access of education to each and every one and changing our antiquated education system which has been going on for decades without any positive changes in it.

How is EduYear a Revolution?

As our education system is majorly based on a big percentage of theory and a small share of practical knowledge which leaves most of the students lost and shattered. As they say, these students are the ones who have their own creative ideas but no idea how to execute them because of no prior hands-on with the same situation. To change this, they are acting like a torch to the paths which will take them to the world of practical knowledge and opening a whole new world of learning to them.
They are determined to provide this generation a platform where people will actually learn to put their ideas and skills into actions which will be more fruitful for them in the life moreover, to provide these budding minds the power to speak out loud about their ideas which they left in school, the battlefield of mugging up things, and create a difference in this society. And they claim that the day is not far when there will be our nation’s own Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs.

What difference is EduYear creating?

They are setting an example as first most affordable educational training of 21st Century, by keeping the education at its best and fees as low as possible.
They have already taken its first step towards this educational revolution by organizing training classes of most demanded skills of coding in Python and Java which they will teach right from the basics to the level where one can use these skills for the good and all that for INR 50 (USD 1).Through this, they are going to bring two terms, Best educations and Affordable Price, together.
Eduyear is community satisfaction based platform which is going to bring a huge change in the way we learn. So, here the revolution begins lead by the Co-Founders Yuvraj Singh and Ashish Sukralia and Core-Team member Priyam Kapoor.

You can Follow EduYear on Instagram: @coders.eduyear @eduyear @java_eduyear


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