Debanshu Das, the introvert who is killing at Social media

Today we are talking about Debanshu Das, a 20-year engineering dropout guy who is spreading positive energy among lakhs of people with his stories, thoughts, memes, critics, micro tales, etc. Currently, he is pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Business administration from his hometown Rourkela, Odisha. He wishes to build his own firm someday and want to be the reason for other’s employment.

When we ask Debanshu Das about his journey he said,
” When I was in my 1st semester of engineering, I was depressed, and being an introvert I never shared my things with others, so I started writing what was going inside my head. One day I thought that ‘ why shouldn’t I digitalize these things, it may help others who are suffering from mental trauma ‘. That day I came up with an Instagram account called Stories of Deb which has currently 180k+ followers from all over the globe and the name has been converted into

Debanshu Das works as a content creator, meme generator, network builder, social media consultant, etc. Till now he has served 400+ individual clients and brands from 25+ different countries. Besides this, he manages different business profiles and helping them with their regular post updates, booking ads, campaigns, promoting their accounts, etc.

Debanshu said, he feels privileged to be a part of this community and thanked Instagram for giving him this platform. He says, “In this 21st century, one can easily achieve anything with his/her smart work, dedication, and consistent efforts. The initial phase may bring some trouble but self-motivated people can easily tackle such situations”.

He is truly an influencer and with his positivity, he’s helping a lot of people. If you are going through some sort of mental trauma, you can contact him at [email protected] or directly send him a text

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