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Deri Lorus a 19-year old young singer-songwriter from Chennai

Deri Lorus – a 19-year-old music composer, singer and songwriter who has roots from Chennai, a city in Tamil Nadu. As a music producer he has worked side by side with various artists and other music producers to sound their best in music. He had an interest in music from his childhood but due to some family difficulties he couldn’t study music as a kid but, the passion and the interest on music never stopped him to achieve his goal.

At the age of 13, Deri’s cousin taught basics in music. He didn’t know that his profession would be a music composer. He started his journey in Chennai. Deri was a keyboard player on his school, St. John’s Matriculation Higher secondary school which is located in Alwarthirunagar. His school management encouraged him to play keyboard on his school programs. He and his brother Dan Emil Joshua and his friends formed a Music Band on his school. He had a good time with his School Choir. He couldn’t able to continue further in playing keyboard on his school final year. He had been releasing music single’s as a school student. Then, He went on to take study at AV ProTech in the field of sound engineering. During this time, he impressively scaled his News/Media company.

In 2019, He started a music record label “D Flat Records” along with his brother Dan Emil Joshua producing and releasing their own music. He launched his first start‐up D Flat Records in the year 2017. He hardly started to build an online community. An incredible achievement for a child who loves creating music but is largely self-taught. A music programmer since he was seventeen. Shortly thereafter, He built his social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Since then, He garnered a large following and has been featured in multiple media outlets.

Deri Lorus has benefited society in more than one ways. He has also managed to achieve what most of the people only think of. Below listed are some of the accomplishments of this teenager. He has been named among the top 50 music producers in Chennai. He is one of the youngest Record Label owners at 17.

At present, the young music producer and journalist is the Founder of D Flat Records, a record label company. Deri Lorus is the co-author of the Komplete Keyboard: Crash course Book to learn music from beginner to advanced, an amazon best seller that has sold multiple copies. Since 2020, he has been a contributing writer for Thrive Global, Medium and Disrupt India among other publications.

At the young age of 19, Deri Lorus has successfully built his own record label and thousands of followers across different social platforms.

Deri has about 10K+ followers on Facebook. There, he shares contents on social awareness, informative stories and motivation. Through his content he makes sure that he serves as an inspiration to many aspiring social media influencers.

Going forward, Deri Lorus aims to empower many more people through out the use of social media. As of now, Deri continues to help others build their social media presence as he takes his own presence to newer heights.

Learn more about Deri Lorus by visiting his official website or by following him on Instagram.

Recently Deri Lorus released a single which has more than 5K+ streams on Spotify.


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