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Virtual Accounting Firms: How to Start and Run One

What do you think about starting a virtual accounting firm? The best practices for running your virtual firm effectively are the ones you can adopt regardless of whether you’re a remote accountant because you’ve invested in new technology or because you want a better work-life balance. 

We discuss tips for setting up your virtual accounting firm and tips for running your firm more efficiently in this guide.

What is a virtual accountant?

The virtual accountant is similar to the traditional accountant except that services are provided virtually instead of in person. In order to provide the same services as traditional accountants, a physical location is not necessary. Instead, remote accountants use various tools and software to run their virtual accounting firms.

What are the benefits of starting a virtual accounting firm?

Accounting professionals are increasingly integrating virtual bookkeeping into their business models, though it isn’t the best solution for everyone.

  1. Lower overhead expenses

While virtual accounting firms do incur expenses, they are different from those associated with physical accounting offices. Cutting overhead expenses such as rent, utilities, paper, and other office supplies can save you money.

  1. Improved work-life balance

Remote work allows both business owners and employees to improve their work-life balance. As a result, you’ll have more flexibility in your schedule and improve your work-life balance in ways you never imagined.

  1. Increased productivity

Despite common misconceptions, studies show that remote work can actually increase productivity and focus for employees. Providing people with privacy and quiet spaces can help them focus.

How to start a virtual accounting firm

With Jason M. Blumer, owner of Blumer CPAs, we co-authored an ebook series on anticipating a different lifestyle and haven’t looked back. Starting your virtual firm requires identifying your vision and values. 

Developing your vision

Your vision represents the reason and purpose for your business. Essentially, your vision is the answer to how you want to become an owner and how you want the business to grow. Your relationship with it should be personal and an extension of who you are.

Developing your core values 

In other words, your core values will enable you to live out your vision. Your core values are personal values you hold as an owner that you want to reflect in your business. Take a moment to consider:

What do you value as an individual?

In addition to creativity and innovation, integrity and loyalty are some possible answers.

What do you value as a client or consumer? 

When you pay other professionals for their services, what do you expect from them? What impresses you the most? Which of these bothers you the most? 

Which values support your vision?

After you have compiled a list of values you believe in, narrow them down to the most important ones that align with your vision. 

It’s important that the virtual accounting firm you choose reflects who you are as a person and leader – how you look, what you say, how you operate, how you hire, how you serve, how you’ll price your services, and many more. Values and vision should be aligned between these things. 

Create an effective setup

Virtual accounting firms are great at saving overhead expenses, but their hardware can’t be skimped on. Is there a way you work best? What kind of work environment is best for your team? There are multiple options here, such as a dual monitor setup, mobile devices for flexibility and connectivity (such as tablets or mobile phones), laptops, or noise-canceling headsets. Identify what will You should boost productivity with your team and make investments in it if you can. 

Invest in security

Several of the world’s most prestigious organizations trust cloud computing, including NASA and Goldman Sachs. Cloud storage allows users to share files and documents, store vital information, and store vital information in a very secure manner. Internet networks cannot, however, ensure 100% security from cyber attacks. Thus, cyber security should be learned and trained by others. Your team should be taught to follow best practices and safety protocols when they use software and devices to conduct business to ensure the business and themselves are protected from data breaches.


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