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Different Types Of Water Pumps Used In The Construction Jobs

Construction sites are full of tasks that use a variety of equipment and tools. Ike any other construction equipment and tools, water pumps are also an important part of the construction jobs. The water pumps help in moving liquid to the remote positions on the site. It does not matter what project you are working on. Whether it is underground plumbing or building structure work. You need the right tool. The right equipment and the right tool make your job much easier. 

The water pump, similarly, makes your job easier in moving liquid from one place to another. But choosing the right one is what can change the game. In this article, we are listing some of the commonly used water pumps at the construction site. You can read and know what types are suitable for your project.

  • Centrifugal Water Pump

When you visit a heavy equipment dealer to have a water pump, you will get to see a lot of models and types. Among them, the most common one is a centrifugal water pump. This pump has at least one impeller. This motor gets power from electricity. It is a powerful pump that travels the water to remote positions. Construction workers always prefer a centrifugal pump to move the liquid which has a high and very low viscosity. They are best at draining the groundwater and moving water supplies to the building. It has been seen that the centrifugal pumps work best with the thinner liquid. Whereas the oil may form clogs due to the thickness.

  • Positive Displacement Water Pump

These water pumps also move the water from one place to the other remote place. The positive displacement pump does not have an impeller. The liquid is pushed by the internal components. The pump has an internal diaphragm that captures liquid in a particular volume before anything else releases from the discharge pipes. These pumps are best for moving the high viscosity liquid. The pump gives the leverage to change the direction of the liquid flow. 

  • Booster Pump

This pump works as a companion with other water pumps. As its name suggests, it boosts up the water pressure at some point. When a single pump is not enough to move the liquid to a far location, a booster pump is added at the point to speed up the liquid flow. This way, the fluid moves rapidly to the desired destination.

  • Chopper Pump

This special pump helps in moving the water having other impurities like dirt, mud, and sediments. The pump has a grinding teeth-like structure which helps in crushing the dirt particles making them flowable with liquid. This pump work best for wastewater treatment sites. 

  • Trash Pump

If you want to drag and move water in troublesome sites like trenches, mining, and rocky areas, then this pump will be the best option. It has a more powerful impeller that moves water flawlessly. The trash pump reduces the chances of clogs regardless of the viscosity of the liquid so that it may flow smoothly. Construction companies may use trach pumps in site-clearing projects that need the removal of gravel, stones, leaves, and sticks.

The Bottom Line

Like other construction equipment, water pumps are important tools for the construction job. You can find many types of water pumps from a heavy equipment dealer. However, choosing the right one will boost the productivity of the project. In this article, you may know about the types of water pumps and can choose the right one for your project.


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