Tushar Agarwal leaving no stones unturned towards his path to being a successful talent manager

Those who adore the vibrant world of social media and acknowledge the entertainers that power the industry, people frequently ponder about what goes on behind the scenes that contribute to a brilliant ascent of an entertainer.
This world is managed by those who manage for a living and thrill.
Tushar Agarwal is one such talent manager under the wings of NoFiltr.
His clientele includes social media power couple Mrunal Panchal and Anirudh Sharma.
He has a knack for relationship building, tuning in and learning, positive and critical thinking ability with an eagerness to utilize all accessible instruments to help with day to day activities which are a few shared characteristics among top talent managers in the business. He always believed in hardwork and persistence and that have helped him this far.
In any case, turning into an extraordinary talent manager isn’t in every case simple.
Tushar credits Mihir Surana, COO and Sumedh Chaphekar, CEO, NoFiltr, for his success. In his opinion, he wouldn’t have been able to make it without their constant support.
They are hard-working people who pursued and achieved their dreams, which has motivated Tushar to follow his dreams.
For Tushar, it was when he saw Mihir’s enthusiasm and work ethic, he believed he could achieve anything if he worked just as hard and took advantage of opportunities.
Mihir recognised Tushar’s talent and put him in a position to discover the possibilities and Sumedh lead the way.
Tushar considers himself fortunate enough to have crossed paths with both Mihir and Sumedh and to be able to work with them and keep striving for perfection.

With this, Tushar is leaving no stones unturned towards his journey to success and with a vision of working towards his creators and company will prove fortunate for both of them.
We wish Tushar , luck and success towards his dreams and visions.


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