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Solodan Dan, connecting startups to the right opportunity via Solodraft

Solodraft, is an Accelerator and Incubator Program which is CEO and Co-founder by solodan dan which is poised to help StartUps and youthful entrepreneurs in the business. The Accelerator is specifically created to help aspiring entrepreneurs, new startups, originators, entertainers, authors and programmers. Solodan is a tech entrepreneur, music producer, music artist, author, litterateur & a software designer which is professionally known as serial Entrepreneur.


The ambition of this program is to help Influencer marketers & social media marketers with brand upgrade. Aspiring business owners who want to start up and want to start their business to next position and wants to be CEO and Co-founder, also those looking to scale, get advice, and brand rise, get virtual credits & real finances fluently can take the benefit from this program.


First Cohort is starting from Jan 1st; the application for this program will be open on 12 December 2021 and will be closed on 27th December. There are different ways and categories. Winners in each category will be awarded with Elevations, Distribution, Cloud Credits and real Cash. Those who are interested to share in this action program they can submit application on the website https//solodraft.com/ starting from December 12th. Or send an email to support@solodraft.com


For Authors, Amazon KDP will be suitable to publish their books for free using Solodraft-this action program will helps individual authors and book publishers wishing to publish their books on the Amazon KDP platform in a easiest way without any extra cost.

For the help of individuals in entertainment category or music artists, “Solodraft”- website will distribute and promote in many streaming platform like Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple music, jiosaavn ,Musixmatch etc,. and this distribution services will give 100% royalties to the artist itself. Solodraft- will offer many benefits, including access to OAC and promotion in free of cost.


Bloggers to get free blogs Dev. – e-commerce websites, and personal websites will be developed for qualified marketers, dropshippers who take part in the cohort training.Solodraft is simply a platform for entrepreneurs, startups, creators & entertainers who has no middlemen or resources. Programmers aren’t left out, as they’ll benefits from free training on encoding, web and app development; choose programmers to get free cloud credits and extras from Amazon, Google, Twilio, DigitalOcean, FB, Microsoft, GitHub, Segment, Twilio, etc. Other added extras includes advice to help startups launch & scale double.


Solodraft is the best option for those who have only an idea without money to reach at their destination by their the idea, and can benefit from the Idea Hub because sometimes the money they need is for little things like servers, hosting, software design, etc.He helps people by ‘Solodraft Idea Hub’ to connect users to the best opportunity to achieve the desired goal without any extra cost. There’s something for all entrepreneurs whether it’s to startup newly or just an idea or an existing business etc. Solodraft website helps things can be accessed freely with free cloud credits from tech giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, others. Solodraft has something specifically for every individual beginners like entrepreneur or small wanted to startup their business company and creators , influencer, digital marketing and so on.Solodraft is the like bridge to start-up their business and right opportunity for smaller. This is one and only accelerator and incubator program that help for the needs of everyone looking to grow or scale.


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