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How to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS036?

QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS036 is a common error that QuickBooks users face while running a payroll update. This error occurs in QuickBooks constantly as a lot of factors make this mistake in utility. Well, this error will not be going to bother you in changing payroll to a newer version as we have got your back in fixing this issue. In case you encounter this error, we recommend you to contact our professional technical support team on our helpline at 1-888-351-0999. Our team is here to provide 24/7 assistance and the best services on the go.

QuickBooks error code PS036

Reasons that lead to the QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS036

These are some certain causes for the payroll error however expired subscription is the major cause in most cases.

  • Either your payroll subscription is invalid or expired.
  • Multiple payroll agreements at one time cause problems.
  • QuickBooks Utility Documents Paysub. ini is corrupted.
  • The service key you using isn’t of the right kind.
  • Your corporate documentβ€˜s PSID is not of the right kind.
  • The Windows operating system is no longer supporting the model or your QuickBooks Desktop Utility.
  • Invalid EIN number.

Methods To Troubleshoot the QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS036

One can try to eliminate the error code PS036 using the below stated set of steps:

Step 1. Verify your payroll subscription

  • Check whether your subscription is active and up to date.
  • Go to Employees and choose My Payroll Service and check Accounts/Billing Information.

Step 2. Check your Subscription Data

  • Check whether your subscription data is correct or not.
  • Go to Employees and select My Payroll Service and check Manage Service Key.

Step 3. Update Payroll Service Key

  • Go to Employees and select My Payroll Service.
  • Select Update Payroll Service.


We hope that the above-mentioned information and steps can help you resolve your issues and get you back to work with good flow. The QuickBooks Payroll Update Error is really frustrating and faced by most customers. If you still face any issues in fixing the error don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a QuickBooks support team of certified professionals that is here to assist you anytime and provide you with the best services. Just contact us at 1-888-351-0999 and let us help resolve your issue.


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