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Sk Unus Ali is an Indian Entrepreneur

Sk Unus Ali is an Indian Musician cum Entrepreneur. He was born in 28th March 1998,Barasat, West Bengal. He owns a Digital Marketing Company, named “Sk Unus Ali”.

This is the modern era where every business, whether it is a physical business or online
business needs online presence to get customers for their products and services. In this
situation you or your company always need a professional digital marketer and SEO specialist
who can help your business to show up in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and get the
What if you find a person who has an advanced understanding of digital marketing trends, good
knowledge on SEO and also has a sound knowledge in coding too?
Sk Unus Ali, a successful Digital Marketing Specialist, Professional Blogger and SEO specialist
from Barasat, India. He sleeps and lives in SEO and Digital Marketing. He enjoys exploring
multiple search algorithms to see what works and what doesn’t, as well as what’s going on
within Google and other popular search engines like Bing and Yahoo.
When he was in class 11 at Maulana Azad Academy, he got his first introduction with HTML,
CSS, Javascript and PHP. Now the question comes, why does a digital marketer need to learn
“This same thing came to my mind too when I learnt about these languages”, said SK Unus Ali.
When he first heard about SEO and its deep level learning, he felt a SEO specialist should have
a sound knowledge on these languages so any algorithm updates or any technical terms in
SEO cannot be missed from the hawk eye of an expert. So, the journey began.
He started learning these languages step by step and then he targeted SEO and made his
identity on the marketplace from that age.
That identity made him inspired to go further in SEO. When he was completing his B.Sc. at
Acharya Prafulla Chandra College, he started learning advanced level digital marketing such as
facebook marketing, local SEO and marketing.
He found Facebook Advertising in India is a vast field and it is continuously improving. But most
of the people or businesses cannot understand the basic levels of Facebook Advertising. They
usually think it is just boosting and promoting posts to get likes and shares. So, he dived into the
deep sea of Facebook advertising and Local SEO analysis and understanding.
After some days, when he learnt that Instagram is another powerful marketing platform
integrated with Facebook and it is becoming popular in India, he decided to make himself an
Advertising Specialist in India on Facebook and Instagram marketing.
After completing some successful projects for some businesses and individuals, he is thinking of
establishing his name as a brand. As per planning, he started a local advertising agency in
Barasat to help small and medium businesses to make their presence on online and local
search. He helped several businesses to build their online presence on social media and local
searches and increase their profit rate at 200%.
Now, Sk Unus Ali, is a brand that has introduced themselves as a Professional Digital Marketing
Agency globally through helping businesses on Facebook and Instagram.
When they started their journey as a Digital Marketing Agency, people or businesses did not
understand the importance of Local SEO, but they did not make this mistake. He understood
that Local SEO will be the key feature for making profits for local businesses. Nowadays, his
prediction comes true. 99% businesses in India are making profits through local presence by
doing Local SEO and Sk Unus Ali is the prominent brand maker for businesses.
Not only in India, Sk Unus Ali is helping businesses and individuals globally by making their
presence online through Local SEO and Paid Advertising. He has a 100% client satisfaction rate
and full scale rate of ROI for businesses.
“I don’t like to change my attitude and forget my past because of my money. My past teaches
me how to make the future and my present is teaching me how to help people. My dream is to
change at least 1 million people through my service and training and that is my dream of life”,
said Sk Unus Ali.
“This is not just a name, this is a global brand of Professional Digital Marketing Expert and Local
SEO service, who is helping thousands of people to change their life and we will make it happen
until Google or the Internet die, which will never happen until Google will hire 3.5 Billion Search
Engine Raters.”


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