Saturday, May 25, 2024

Blessy Sodhi (Tarunbir Singh), a 19 year old guy from Amritsar has spent sleepless nights to Build name in e-commerce and social media marketing

Everybody dreams of making a name for themselves, but very few take the risks required to do so. At a young age, Blessy Sodhi (Officially know as Tarunbir Singh Sodhi) decided that the education system in India wasn’t fit for him. He dropped out of college and decided to charter a path that would eventually lead him to becoming the CEO and founder of Utile Kart an internationally recognized e-commerce, based out of Amritsar (Punjab)
He is also the CEO, and Founder of Utile Smm, one of the esteemed digital marketing firm in India.
Born in Amritsar(Punjab) and coming from a middle class family where his father is business man,his mother is Doctor, what Blessy has achieved is a dream of many people in this competitive world beside his struggles. The 18-year old has reached the crescendo of success with his eminent digital marketing skills and appealing content forum. He spent over ₹1L+ on fb ads and having experience of 3 years
Blessy says, “Invest in yourself. Take risks. Learn from mistakes. Or regret working for who does.”
He aimed for creative contents and gained a happy family over social media and now having bases over millions of audiences and constantly heading to create the best puns of the ongoing trends along with his social strategies.
Presently, he says” If you don’t have a VISION, create ONE”
 “In this digital era, there are numerous organizations that are run using the traditional method. I wish to bring such organizations on the web. It will support every single one in the industry. What’s more, the entrepreneurs will discover trust and hope in this aggressive world”


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