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Sanjiboni Sudha : Transgender student dreams of ending social inequality

Sanjiboni Sudha will become the first transgender person to undergo MPhil by meeting all the requirements of the University of Dhaka. The theme of her MPhil proposal is ‘Gender Reconstruction in Bangladesh Politics’. He talked about different aspects of life that fight for equality. By Md Aftab Uddin Toufiq

This village is located in Dhanbari upazila in Tangail district. There he spent his childhood and youth. A small family with two sisters. Sometimes my father worked, sometimes he ran a business. Her mother used to run a business. But now I am a housewife. He grew up fighting since he was a child. School, college, and neighbors saw him differently. Neither boys nor girls were allowed to sit on school benches. He had to sit alone on another bench. He considered childbirth to be his inborn sin. But everyone’s eyes couldn’t stop him. He advances by intellect, thinking, and his work. “When I went to school, many of my friends spilled urine on my body. They made fun of me,”Sudha said. Why do I go to school? Why aren’t you home? There was no one like me around. So I had to be humiliated all the time.

After completing his SSC and HSC from his own upazila, he took the entrance exam to Rajshahi, Chittagong and Jahangirnagar universities. Admission to all three universities is merit-based. He was accepted into the University of Chittagong political science department. There, he was given a seat in the boys’ room. Hair should be short. Many such conditions are given. He won it all and completed his Honors-Masters program from there. His learning did not stop. Apply for MPhil at University of Dhaka based on merit. He will start MPhil after completing all the requirements.

After a lifetime of abuse, Sudha wants to change the way people


Family support :

Family support has played an important role in Sanjiboni Sudha’s progress. But it’s hard to get support from the people in the company. It is a horror for society to support a child like him. Regarding this, Sanjiboni Sudha said, “My family struggled a lot because of me. Parents should be humiliated, persecuted in society. Always the same. Because my parents live in this shy society. My situation may have changed. Living with civilized people or in another society. In the villages, families still suffer from poverty because of children like us. A few years ago, we were in solitary confinement. He is not allowed to mingle with other families. Parents are also humiliated. In fact, it is a reflection of a barbaric society. It’s so heartbreaking, how much pain a family has to go through to have a child like me. In the future, society may have to listen. All tension has to be born in silence. But despite everything, my parents supported me; It was the most important turning point in my life.

Contents of MPhil :

Sudha will do the MPhil under the supervision of Professor Zobaida Nasreen from the Department of Anthropology, University of Dhaka. Her proposed Master of Philosophy topic is “Gender Redefining in Bangladeshi Politics”. Will be participating in the MPhil program in the academic year 2023-24. In this regard, he said, “Gender-based work is the theme of my MPhil. In this case, how is the transgender and hijra population rearranged in the politics of Bangladesh or how it is rearranged.


What is the problem in society :

Sudha had to fight constantly. “It’s not just me, people like me have to fight as well.” I work in this society as a transgender expert. Banker, dancer, performer, human rights activist. When you ride a rickshaw to go to work or do other social activities, you have to bear some kind of obstacle. You have to fall under obstacles. Sometimes it’s within tolerance, sometimes it’s beyond tolerance. It is different. You have to constantly fight to keep moving forward. I have to fight to survive in this society, to survive as a human being, or to make a living. In short, I find it difficult to be recognized as a human being.

Every moment of his life is undesirable for him. There is nothing worse than insulting or humiliating a parent in front of them. “Parents have to leave their children on the market. There is nothing more shameful than this. This will be on my mind for as long as I live,” Sanjeevani said. Now, if people in this society were to say, “Your child has come a long way now.” You are a proud mom. Then my inner problem woke up.



Self-motivation :

Sudha said he had many physical problems since childhood. Since then, he considered himself a woman. He never thought of himself as a man. No one cared what he was thinking. He didn’t see anyone as a source of inspiration. He wants to be like himself. Sanjeevani said, “My motivation is myself.” I created myself by thought, intellect and reason. I used to see her mother all the time. I consider him my idol. I was fascinated by his actions and speech. “The mental health issues for people like me are huge. I can wholeheartedly support them,” he said. I offer spiritual support based on my research and holistic experience.

When the corona epidemic hit the country in March 2020, many left their loved ones behind. Sanjeevani did important work at that time. At that time, Vivaza voluntarily participated in the burial of those who died of Covid-19. She has been infected with corona three times since then. “I worked for the Quantum Foundation,” Sanjiboni Sudha said of the experience. This sad scene hurts me. After that, I persuaded the authorities to bury those who died in Corona. I did this work in Chittagong for two and a half months. Since coming to Dhaka, he has buried or cremated over 1,200 bodies for the Quantum Foundation. At that time, the newspaper informed me about me. Many of my friends called me and apologized when they saw this. They used to talk about me a lot. “This is an unforgettable event for me.”

Sudha has had to fight and is still fighting to protect his own human identity. In other words, humanity is at the root of his thinking. “See people as people,” Sanjeevani says, respecting and loving people regardless of caste, religion, color, tribe or gender. Stay aside in case of danger. Ask yourself: What would you do if you were in this person’s shoes? Then you’ll know the answer yourself. ” Sudha idealizes his way of walking without caring about the opinions of anyone in society.


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