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LWCP Talent Awards 2021 – Sai Hari Vignesh N

Congratulation to Sai Hari Vignesh N for the Award of Social Worker Of the Year. It is our wish that you touch more heights in your life. And you continue your journey. Just as you have placed your Authorship on a height, so should it be.

SaiHariVignesh N, from Tamil Nadu, is an author of more than 10 books and Co-working on 25+ projects from the international arena, dreams higher to achieve their goal and wants to have a major role in the improvement of society. He has mentored many youngsters and guided them to achieve success in their careers. He is serving society by being a part of multiple NGOs. Notably, he was a District President of Karur, Tamil Nadu during his service in the National Youth Council Of India and Zonal President of Southern Tamil Nadu for Youth United Council Of India. He also authored non-fictional book series, “Era of Liv-On” to encourage the society to achieve their goals along with morals and technical books named β€œBLAC – Beginner Level Arduino Codings”, “Basics of Java” and “Basic Electronics Tutorial – Series” for academic scholars and candidates. He has also done several anthologies for many books and co-authored the book named “Lifologics”. He is being a part of seven international Engineering and Research communities namely “IEEE”, “International Association of Engineers”, “National Society of Professional Engineers”, “International Association of Innovation Professionals”, “Space and Satellite Professionals International”, “International Management Research & Technology Consortium” and “Institute for Engineering Research and Publication” to contribute the globe by his innovations. His dedication towards the development is recognised by many international organisations which allocated him many awards now. His contribution to the writing industry made him receive the “Best Young Author Award”, “Hindustan Writer Award” and “Golden Arc Award”. He also made international records by building and launching low power multifunctional “Hummer-Bot” which can perform an action based on the function a user wants to do such as obstacle avoidance, infrared tracking, Bluetooth application control along with real-time power detection, within a day on the occasion of international creativity and innovation day. His records have been well recognised by “Inkzoid Book of Records” and “Glorious Book of Records” also his innovations made him as “Most Innovative Mind of the Year 2021”. His name is also registered by OMG Book of Records as “National Record Holder” for his innovative Project. He is selected as one of the top 100 researchers of India, according to FoxClues and has also been featured in multiple articles. He also received the “India Prime Researcher Award” for his research experiments and projects at a very young age. His hard work and efforts also made him an “Inspiring Icon of the Year 2021” by Aspirant Achievers. He is considered as “Champion Learner Gold” by IBM Skillsbuild. He is highly credible by obtaining more than 500 credentials through multiple international organisations like Google, Cisco, IBM, etc

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Achievements’ of Sai Hari Vignesh N

1) National Record – OMG Book of Records

2) Most Innovative Mind of the Year 2021 – Go Inkzoid

3) International Record – Inkzoid Book of Records

4) Hindustan Writer Awardee – Stellar Talent Awards

5) Excellence Awardee – Aloha

6) Golden Arc Awardee – Awardsarc

7) International Record Holder – Glorious Book of Records

8) Inspiring Icon of the Year 2021 – Aspirant Achievers

9) Best Young Author of the Year 2021 – The Opus Coliseum

10) Best Author of the Year 2021 – JPT Elite

11) Champion Learner Gold – IBM

12) India Prime Researcher Awardee – FoxClues

13) Pride of the Nation – Namaste India Foundation

Award Presented By Life World Community Publication – World Largest Professional Community Publication


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