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Talent and creativity go side by side. But with a lack of determination and courage, nothing lasts long. As it is said, ‘good things come to those who wait,’ it is better to work for the ‘good things’ one desires. Working towards goals requires a lot of courage and consistency, and the results are promised for those who patiently wait for the outcomes of their hard work. Building a name in the saturated world of known celebrities with a huge fan following is in no way a piece of cake. Assembling all pieces of talent, creativity, strength, achievements, and outstanding performances are only possible when the person in charge of all this takes up everything with a lot of determination and passion. Ramiz King is an Afghani-born Australian who opened his eyes on August 19, 1996. The talented, young individual made his way into Bollywood by becoming a part of reality shows, thanks to his outstanding skills. From being a young artist who was struggling to establish a stable career, Ramiz now has a net worth of almost 800k and is known across India and Afghanistan. He has first seen in an Indian reality show ‘Love School 4.’ It earned him great recognition. The popularity of Ramiz increased with that of the show, and he earned a huge fanbase with the reference of his work. He landed another TV show, ‘Ace of Space,’ based on his previous show’s talent. The show turned out to be a hit, and Ramiz became the talk of the town for his appearance. In a short span, he got a chance to work with Karan Kundra, VJ Anusha, Baseer Bob, Vikas Gupta, and Roshmi Banik, Ashmit Patel, and many more.
The show has been notified as controversial on different grounds, but the unfair elimination of Ramiz by Mastermind from Ace of Space received huge media coverage. Ramiz also appeared in the International version of Bigg Boss. As Ramiz was in an open relationship with Gizelle, the onscreen kiss controversy with Africa went viral. It became a ‘hot topic’ for many vloggers as it had never happened before that an Indian girl kissed a committed man on national television.

Despite being surrounded by controversies, Ramiz has a lot more to offer. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Film and VFX. He is a content producer and a media strategist. He owns ‘iWear Vibe PTY LTD,’ an Australia-based company that was launched in January 2020. Ramiz holds the x-factor of being an entertainer that is evident from his appearances in different reality shows. He has been a lively and fun-loving kid since his childhood, which is visible in his on-screen appearances.

Ramiz King is reportedly the highest-paid MTV star hence why his stay at the Ace of Space house was cut short. You must be wondering how much is the Ace of Space Contestants weekly pay?
Ramiz King charged $3,000 Australian Dollars per week. Other celebrities like Baseer Ali, Shruti Sinha charged $2,500 per week as they were the local participants. Ramiz did pay for his flights and the food he brought on his first episode. Ramiz also charged MTV love school a whopping $10,000 for the entire season excluding flights. Why pay so much for a contestant? It’s reported officially that the network invested so they add an international Australian element to the show and let’s face it. Ramiz carried Love School on his back from beginning to end. Ace of space is declared to only have one best episode and that’s Ramiz Kings royalty task. You can check the comments yourself on YouTube. Ramiz definitely resembles the Pataudi Prince, Saif Ali Khan and that is one of the other major reasons why the network and fans Love watching him on screen. Mainly Ramiz’s love for India is what really catapulted him towards the entertainment industry and without a true foundational belief or desire it’s merely impossible to enter an industry where the competition stakes are so high.

After spending a few early years in Kabul, Ramiz moved to Australia with his family. It was the work of fortune that Ramiz ended up in an Indian neighborhood in Australia. This helped Ramiz King unleash his talent, which is best suitable for the entertainment industry. So Ramiz stepped into Bollywood to follow his dream of becoming an actor, since Ramiz grew up watching all the shows on MTV, such as Jersey shore and Splitsvilla it was a must to do goal. Being a renowned celebrity in Afghanistan, Ramiz has worked with Persia and Afghanistan’s most popular artist Aryana Sayeed and covered her infamous proposal. The charm of fame and fascination of finding oneself led him towards the Bollywood industry. Ramiz’s interests did not only make him able to participate in reality shows but also to acquire a huge fanbase. A lot of people now know him by his name and voice. They want to see more from him. Ramiz does not fear trying new things to entertain his viewers and brings new looks for different shows. This is what makes Ramiz King different, and people never get tired of watching Ramiz on screen. Ramiz King has a huge list of Instagram followers who keep sending him love and support through a different medium.

The achievements and content-producing skills of Ramiz have made him an inspiration for many young artists. Youngsters look up to him for his consistency and determination with an aim to do a lot more in life. Ramiz has established a profitable business alongside his media-related work, making Ramiz among the most inspiring fresh talent. His skills and hard work have set an example for everyone who is controlled by social barriers. This is Ramiz King the must-watch out for Media Personality.


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