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Rajesh Kumar Ram Musician ( Devilraj )

Rajesh Kumar ram born in 5April 2004 in India,Bihar. Professionally known as Devilraj, is an Indian musical artist and the co-founder of Varista music which is record label company who got recently featured on Spotify


Rajesh is a Hindu by his religion born in Bihar and the Indian person with middle class background, which is forced him to do something in his life. There is no details about his family right. He has two siblings both are boys.


Who is doing work as content writer on different blogs. Like The Times of India Blogs. He is also a musical artist whith music background. Youtuber and digital content creator with games jounra or gener.
His career has been started as a digital creator after then he got contact with different labels and started working for them and at other side making music and publishing it on music platforms. Some of his song did well and got featured on Spotify.

Company Founded

Varista music is an Indian record label company. Which is founded by Hirok Mandal in year 6 July 2019 with cofounder
Rajesh Kumar ram. He is the 50% share Holder at Varista music. Which is associated with Different music genres.

Social media Handles

Twitter : @ofcl.devilraj
Instagram : Imdevilraj


His hobbies is photography, reading and writing articles. He worked as a content writer on different platforms like opera news and The times of India and others too. He also like to learn new things everyday about something and doing things on his own by learning and making it happen. He also worked on some Wikipedia articles. He teaches about things he learnt from outside and provide it to others through his social medias. And motivating people to do something new and postive everyday in his life for better mindset and progress in there life.

Personal Details

Name : Rajesh Kumar ram
Aartist name : Devilraj
Age : 5April 2004 (age 18 years)
Height : 164cm
Nationality : Indian
Religion : Hindu
Eye colour : brown with Balck


1. SAD Without You
2. Gangsta rhythm
3. Alone
4. Bird Beats
5. Krishna’s Eternal Love
6. Acha Ji Mai Hari chalo Maan jao na
Hear it on music platforms


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