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Priyanka Ahuja Shares Importance of Daily Rehearsal for Voice Modulation

Being a singer, rehearsal is an integral part of my daily routine. Everyone knows that rehearsal makes our singing better but what does it actually do? It helps us to improve our control over our voice.

Hi I am Priyanka Ahuja and here I am going to share some of my own experience on how daily rehearsals helped me in voice modulation.

Voice modulation is nothing but the process of controlling and adjustment of voice suiting the requirements of one’s ongoing singing performance. A vocalist is always true to their craft. We work day and night so that we can better at singing.


Many-a-times there are performances that requires going louder, softer, faster or slower, dramatic or emotional and such frequent variations and only be achieved when we have proper control of our voice.

Without proper voice modulation, singing becomes continuous and monotonous, which doesn’t let us connect to our audience. Voice modulation and tonality are the strongest tools to improve the quality of our singing.

Now, the question is how on earth do we conquer voice modulation? The answer is simple, DAILY REHEARSALS

In the initial days, I still remember that every time when someone use to say, “We would like to call Priyanka Ahuja come up on the stage and present her song to the audience” I used to smother by stage fright. The only thing that held me in those times were my daily rehearsals.

If you don’t practice one day, you’ll know it. If you don’t practice two days your critics will know it. If you don’t practice three days, your audience knows it. This is how much daily rehearsals are important.

Singing is a skill, and if you want to do better in that you need have a better control over your voice. Daily rehearsals doesn’t only improves your vocal quality but will also help you improve your vocal stamina so that you can sing for longer durations.

At the end I would only like to emphasize on one thing and that is rehearse, rehearse and rehearse as it will make you a better singer.

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  1. I started my career in 2000 in Indian idol as a participant and got my first break 2014 . I am passionate for singing from my birth


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