Pre-winter Check List: Things You Need to Clean Before Winter Hits

During winter the days are short and cold so it is almost impossible for someone to clean their house deeply. Due to continuous rain and snow, there are certain areas of your house that you cannot clean and you spend most of your time at home.

According to a study if your house is not clean then the air quality of the house becomes five times more polluted than the outside. The best time to clean your house properly is before the winter. You can hire a Commercial Cleaning Company Fresno CA to clean your house before winter or you can do it by yourself. Here is a complete guide that can help you to do so. 

Disinfect the Wastebaskets

it is very important to wash and disinfect the wastebaskets before the winter as you will not get the chance to clean them during winter. Take these baskets to an open area where you can clean them properly. First, wash the baskets with a garden hose thoroughly. After washing the baskets now add disinfectant the baskets to kill all germs and bacteria. 

The best way to sterilize waste baskets is by using undiluted hydrogen peroxide. Pour the hydrogen peroxide into the basket and let it sit for more than an hour and then pour out all the contents. Now use a scrubber to clean the baskets from the inside and remove any residue. When baskets are completely clean rinse them with water and let them dry in direct sunlight. 

Disinfect Toilet Brush Holder

Yes, it is the right time to clean your toilet brush holders. Take these brushes in the garden and first clean them by using a garden hose to remove any residue on the brushes. Then make a mixture of disinfectants to disinfect these brushes.

You have several options to make a disinfectant to clean these brushes. You can use either a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar or a mixture of 6 parts water and 1 part bleach. Make any of these mixtures and dip toilet brushes and their holders into the mixture for 2-3 hours. Now clean the brushes with water and let them dry.

Clean The Furniture Underside

Most people move furniture around so that they can clean the floor under them properly. But usually, people forget to clean the underside of their furniture which cause a lot of dust bunnies under the furniture. 

To clean the underside of the furniture tilt it so that the bottom of the furniture is exposed and clean them using a cloth or a duster. If the covers under the furniture are too dirty then you can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean them thoroughly. 

Clean The Tops Of The Surfaces

Furniture is not the only thing that needs to be dusted as there are many other surfaces in your house the top of which you forget to clean. You should clean the top of the doors, artwork, trim, bulbs, detectors, and sensors. 

You should also clean the top of the kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, and light fixtures once in a while otherwise pile of dust and grease will start to build up which will make it difficult for you to clean them.

Don’t Forget To Clean Behind The Fridge 

You must clean your fridge coils now and then to keep them properly cleaned. Some fridges have coils on the back and some have them at the bottom. If your fridge has coils at the back then unplug the fridge and move it around so you can clean them properly. Also, clean any dirt build-up on the floor.

If your fridge has coils at the bottom then you do not need to move it around as you can clean them from the front. 

Prepare Your Entryway For The Winter

As you know that most of the winter you have to go through rain and snowfall so it is quite impossible to keep the house clean with dirty shoes coming in. you can keep the entryway clean by placing a boot scraper so that all the dirt and mud stay out of the house. 

You can also place a chair at the start of the entryway so that people can sit there and take off their shoes easily. Do not forget to place a tough outdoor mat to clean the shoes before entering the house. 

Clean The Patio Siding

The patio siding becomes very dirty during the winter due to harsh weather conditions even sometimes you cannot remember what the real color of the siding was. These sidings can only be cleaned by using a pressure washer and you might be thinking of hiring a  Dealership Cleaning to do the task.

You can hire a professional but if you have time then you can clean the siding by yourself. You just need to rent a pressure washer and you can easily clean the patio siding with it. 

Clean The Windows And Ceiling Fan Blades

The most vital thing during the winter is the sunlight but if your window glass is not clean then it can cut your daylight by 20%. So, before winter, you must clean your windows so that you can enjoy every bit of sunlight in the winter. 

The other thing you need to clean before winter is the ceiling fan blades as they can acquire a lot of dust with time. There is no need to use special tools to clean windows and fan blades as you can completely clean them with a good cleaner.

Change Furnace Filters Periodically

If you are not changing your furnace filter after every 2 months then there are high chances of allergies. Before winter you must change your furnace filters so that you can welcome winter with a cleaner and tidier house. Filters of different qualities are available in the market but you must go for the well-rated filter as your air quality mainly depends on the quality of the filters.


Cleaning your house before winter can save you from many hassles and you can spend your winter peacefully. If you are going to hire a professional cleaning company then you must do your research before hiring them to get the best service.


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