Challenges are there in everybody’s life but converting them into opportunities and seeking success is the real challenge. Piyush Pratik Mohanty, aged about 22 years old is an author, writer, poet and blogger. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the field of prosthetics and orthotics in SVNIRTAR, Olatpur. He was born in this beautiful town called Joda located in the district of Keonjhar in the state of Odisha. He has authored 4 books, compiled one book and worked as a coauthor in numerous anthologies. His first book TIME’S INSERTION: THE DAWN OF THE JOURNEY was loved and appreciated by readers. His other books BE FLEXIBLE AND MARCH FORWARD, ODYSSEY OF MISAPPREHENSION and COSMOS OF UTOPIA was well received by the readers. Notably, his third book ODYSSEY OF MISAPPREHENSION, received a lot of recognition and success. ODYSSEY OF MISAPPREHENSION, is a story regarding how a retired old man lost all his Provident Funds money and his struggle to get back what was meant for him. His fourth book COSMOS OF UTOPIA is basically a collection of poems. It consists of motivational poems, romantic poems etc. For his third book he was awarded with many awards and got a lot of appreciation.  When asked about his success mantra he said his road to success consisted of three things, one is patience, second being honesty and last but not the least self-confidence. He also gave a lot of credit to his parents, his brother and his best friends who helped him throughout the process with encouragement and support. Moreover he gives a lot of credit to the time he received during the lockdown upon which he capitalized. During the lockdown his journey as a writer began and within a couple of years, he has received a lot of success and recognition for his work. He even maintains blogs on different online media platforms. He’s not only into books, but he also loves to play tabla, draw and cook as well. His dream is to have his own publishing firm as well as his own blogging platform. Currently he is working on four more books. So definitely lookout for the upcoming gems.


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