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Parth Siddhpura a Musician From India Shares About His Successful Story

Indian musician Parth Siddhpura has been a part of the industry. He has an impressive line-up of music waiting for their release, and now the artist has opened up if he is planning a shift in his career.

Parth shared that he is fascinated by people who can write stories and create music and admitted that he lacks the skills for the same. Parth has the honour to read them. He added that he has not inherited the talent from his father.

Opening up about turning to direction, the ‘Behti Hawa’ composer said that he was very content with what he is doing now and that he is not ready to give up as a musical artist yet. Parth believes that direction is a full-time job and it cannot be juggled with composing or anything else.

Parth’s latest single “Behti Hawa” is sure to start a brand new Instagram Reels’ trend. The singer-rapper-composer, who seems to understand the vibe of young listeners, has come out with yet another dance track, which is expected to grow on the audience.
“Behti Hawa” has the most random lyrics as Parth seems to have put all his effort in the music and packaging. The track is fast-paced and the techno beats are retro in nature, reminding us of Bollywood’s cabaret era. With every new song, Parth is showcasing his dance prowess too, and “Behti Hawa” is no different. The hook step is easy to grasp for the audience.
The music artiste had told, “The music closest to my heart would be the one that I just put out randomly on my YouTube channel without any video — the rawest raps. They are like barenaked emotions with no expectations. And when both you and your audience don’t have any expectation from each other, I think that is the purest form of art.”
The song started trending in India when celebrities and many others talked about it on social media. “I don’t think I’ve still gotten it into my brain,” Parth said with a laugh, adding that when such Bollywood biggies noticed the song, she realised “this has gone a lot farther than what I thought.”


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