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Warangal Diaries surpasses 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube

The magnitude held by YouTube in creating exceptional content cannot be merely justified with words. It has turned out to be an ultimate content creation platform giving many artists a podium to showcase their skills. Among many hit YouTube channels, Warangal Diaries is one of the profound names that create out of the box content. Not to forget, the actors and the pioneers behind this channel are Nabeel Afridi, Sharjeel Ali, Rehan Waqhar, Irshaan, and Sameer Shaik. While Fayaz Shaik looks after managing the content, Fahaad Shaik is the editor who takes care of editing the video content.

Warangal Diaries was established in December 2016, and since then, the channel has witnessed an upward trend in terms of content. The YouTube channel has a sea of content including Hyderabadi linguistic vines, comedy videos, and entertainment videos in the Urdu language. The creators come up with new video concepts every Sunday, and they make sure to tickle everyone’s funny bone. Warangal Diaries’ content is highly loved by the audience in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh.

However, the channel has become a raging hit across South India. The mammoth fan following of the channel justifies the same. Warangal Diaries has got more than 1.3 million subscribers. In various instances, the channel has come up with distinctive video concepts like ‘Lockdown Ke Pareshiyan’, ‘Funny Doctor VS Patients’, ‘High Level of Kanjoosi’, ‘Baap Beta Aur Damad’ and ‘Lockdown Weddings’ to name a few. With a primary focus on creating Hyderabadi videos, Warangal Diaries is the first YouTube channel in Telangana to touch the magical figure of 1 million subscribers.

Besides having participated in the YouTube FanFest 2018 and 2019 in Hyderabad, Warangal Diaries has maintained the consistency of creating high-end videos. In the time of COVID, the artists have been entertaining the audience with different video concepts. The USP of Warangal Diaries is that the team focuses majorly on relatable content. The relatable factor has done wonders and has seen the videos getting magnificent views on YouTube. In the coming time, Warangal Diaries aims to reach the milestone of 10 million subscribers. The team is working hard to achieve this feat in the next five years.

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