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Meet Saleem Sharif the Youngest Video Creator Share How follows his passion


Everybody dreams to be successful, but few make it happen in reality. Some of those few people turn their fortune wheel at a small age and become successful. Success does not come with luck. Opportunities come when you seek opportunities. When you put dedication, hard work, and patience 100X times better than anyone surrounding you, eventually success comes to your door, and people call it luck.

Saleem Sharif (born; 22th July 2000) is Indian Video Creator, Cinematographer and Director he is from Bijnor District Uttar Pradesh. He directed many music videos with influencer like Vakeel 420, Sohail Malik etc. Saleem is also well-known photographer he follows his passion at the age of 16 when he was in their school days.

Saleem sharif is comes in 1% who follows passion on his young age. Saleem believed that live life with creatures, they love mountains, animals and beautiful creature. Saleem shares their creativity on his social media handles if you want to connect with him, so go and follow now on Instagram, twitter, Facebook etc. He was extraordinary boy; they face many hurdles but they never give up and that was the great lesson which help young to motivate with him.

Successful people make their luck on their own. They do not wait for God or any miracle to happen on one fine day and bring success. Nobody becomes successful overnight. Nowadays when a video goes viral on social media people call it an overnight success, but in reality, that video consists of too many sleepless nights filled with anxiety and lots of passion, creativity along core commitment.

Going past hindrance, being courageous on a fundamental level and having a thought that could change the world, this is what India’s young age is tied in with, characterizing the country and demonstrating to the world what we are able to do. Saleem Sharif expects the same from the budding photographer, Video Creator. His pro tip to them is think beyond the extraordinary and work on it consistently. Success can be achieved only if you are willing to give up everything for it.

You can follow-on social media handles @saleem_sharif





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