Meet Anna Andromeda : Fashion Model & Actress.

Anna “Andromeda” Goode Has been a published editorial and fashion model for over 5 years. She has been published in numerous fashion publications as well as been the face and body of several fashion staple designer brands.


In November of 2021 she launched” Anna Andromeda Model Group”.The launch was major; she kicked off the Brands introduction with a “Model Walk” in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky in the Historic 620 Building in the heart of the prestigious downtown. The show streamed live on several major streaming platforms. The Wardrobe was sponsored and the models wore piece’s from brands such as “BellaBarnett.”, “Styled By Noted” as well as Fashion Nova.

Anna received so much amazing feedback and praise for the production. Anna Produced and directed the show in its entirety along with Sam Foree with CK Entertainment. The show’s production was an homage to “New York and Paris Fashion Week” if you were streaming online it was definitely hard not to assume the show was at either fashion mecca as the location.


Fashion has grown to become a love of Anna’s over the past 7 plus years. She began her career as an Investments Banker and Financial Analyst. Anna also has her “Series 7” License as well. Who would have known, Beauty and Brains.

Anna was borned and raised in Louisville Kentucky. Currently she resides between Louisville and LA. Where Anna is striving to become an actress. She shared with us that Growing up she always knew it was her purpose to help women of all sizes feel confident and beautiful in their skin. in her opinion, just as all women deserve to feel.


When Anna was asked what made her so driven in fashion and fuels her to have her “Model Group”, Anna said “I have always gravitated toward beauty. Being voluptuous I always loved myself and I realized my curves were a blessing and I accepted my gift.


Anna shared with us her view on beauty which is “All the beautiful women and individuals I’ve met throughout my life and career gave me the confidence to be strong, humble, and beautiful with class.” It definitely makes Anna the woman she is today.


She recommends that the key to happiness in her career is to unapologetically love your life. Anna loves the opportunity to guide Individuals, Models, Athletes, Actors and Creatives to find their way in their desired industrys.


Anna feels “to me it’s important to build your brand from day one. Your brand is your name or PKA, (”Publicly Known As”, your public persona) A Lot of people don’t realize it’s paramount to consistently build your brand. it’s never a one and done situation. Your brand is what keeps you moving. With building your brand you’re able to set your platform in the direction you want your brand to go in.”


When Anna was asked, what are some personal rules she goes by or is important to her she shared with us, “My rules for life are simple; Smile, Be Kind, Go Harder, Don’t compare yourself to anyone, Avoid Negativity, Make peace with the past, Take care of your mind, body, and soul. Finally show that you don’t play with your career choices. “For me personally, remaining humble is everything.”
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