Saturday, July 13, 2024

MC NIKHIL Releases New Mixtape “Finer Things”

Mumbai-Bandra based rapper MC Nikhil releases his new 2nd Fresh project / mixtape “Finer Things” after a debut album.
Project has 7 tracks in it & 4 track have International features such as Meechie Stacks , Cartier Suave , Bandit The Rapper & Fame Faiella. Project is well organised and vibe has updated new wave. Got SoundCloud type sound to hear on song Famous Feat. Bandit The Rapper. Well produced project. Growing up in Mumbai Hip-hop scene MC NIKHIL learned alot about music & how things work at the early age of 16-17 years old. He was the first teenage indian rapper to be featured on New York City Time Square Billboard for his debut album & got good amount of reach from his debut album worked well as of plans says MC NIKHIL. Nikhil Parcha (born June 27, 2005), better known by his stage name MC NIKHIL, is an Indian rapper, songwriter, Rapper, and lyricist.
MC NIKHIL linked up with international artists on these songs ,
“Rackz – Featuring Cartier Suave” Jose Hernandez, otherwise known as Cartier Suave, is a young recording artist from Columbus, Ohio. He blends his hispanic heritage, and his americanized lifestyle into his melodic songs, and ear catching lyrics and he uses the power of Autotune to its full potential and to his advantage. Cartier Suave lately have song with Yeat & Sofaygo on various projects.
“Trendsetters – Featuring Fame Faiella”
Writer , Composer, Producer. Colin ” Fame” Faiella is an Artist, Rapper, DJ, Producer Born and raised in Cape Coral, Florida, Fame has been around music throughout his life. In his teens he started performing hip-hop in talent shows and went on to perform nationwide, doing live events with musical icons.
“Look Mom I Can Fly – Featuring Meechie Stacks”, Meechie Stacks (aka Meechie Ewing aka Waka Flocka Domez Bryant aka Kid Domez aka Kid TC aka Yung TC) was born Thom D. McMillanus on January 15th, 1929 with the tights on like Kurt Angle. He is a Cincinnati-based rapper/producer/radio personality/vocalist .
“Famous Featuring Bandit The Rapper”
James Portley (born August 20, 1985), better known by his stage name Bandit The Rapper, is an American rapper, songwriter, model, and influencer. “Be your self don’t copy others says MC NIKHIL”
Listen Mixtape over Here.


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