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Lilxpayne beatclub music producer and Hip Hop culture

Lilxpayne described The differences between an old school and a new school music

When it comes to modern hip hop, there are different genres to create the unacceptable sound we like. From rap to R&B, there are even some rock effects to measure it well, and they all come together to create a very distinctive sound that sets it apart from previous hip hop sounds. So today we have two styles of old school hip hop and new school hip hop, each with its distinct sound, and each one is dramatically different from the other.

So what is the difference between a new school style and an old school style? In this article, we intend to examine these two cases. For this purpose, we use the recent interview of Moein Ghodratnama, known as Lilxpayne, a successful Iranian singer, songwriter, and music producer who has won several international music awards in this field.

The difference between an old school and a new school

“The main difference between old hip hop and new hip hop is in the beats,” says Lilxpayne. Old hip hop usually has 2-3 beats that are stacked on top of each other and have simple and understandable lyrics. The new hip hop has 6 to 8 beats per song, commercials, and a range of edited sounds including EQ and echo. The lyrics are also much more complex because the lyrics are delivered almost twice as fast as the old hip-hop school.

What is the old-school style?

Lilxpayne adds that old-school hip hop is characterized by variety, quality, innovation, and impact. There is also a period in the history of hip hop known as “middle school”.

What is the style of New School?

Lilxpayne technically explains that New school hip-hop was initially characterized by “machine drums, often with rock elements.” Listeners hear ridicule and bragging about rap, which is usually presented in an aggressive style. This changed because listeners were no longer interested in street behavior. The new school hip-hop artists soon realized that what their audience wanted was shorter songs, more radio broadcasts, and more cohesive LPs. This helped create new school hip-hop as part of the mainstream music industry.


The article you read was about the difference between an old school hip hop and a new school hip hop that Lilxpayne, a successful Iranian singer, music producer, and songwriter, introduced in his recent interview with a Canadian media outlet. You can also read the complete version of this article by following Lilxpayne on Instagram.



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